Monday, August 31, 2009

A Mad Little Girl

Today I got an email from my sis-in-law with a bunch of pictures of my niece. This was my favorite. Apparently, Jodi had gone for a drive while my brother, Kevin, was out hunting and decided she wanted to take some pictures of Ari. But, alas, Ari would have no part of that and she was mad. This picture says it all. It was so darling and it totally captured her attitude. I LOVE the camos and boots with her very cute pink jacket. I even put it on my computer at work as my background! I played around with my Photoshop Elements program and touched up the photo a little bit and added a caption. I'm still learning how to create and use my own little brushes to put a cute copyright symbol on my own pictures, but haven't quite figured out what I want or how to do it quite all the way yet.

Today was a typical Monday at work. Just plugged along and did my thing. Came home and Melon Man had made dinner for us. Roast, potatoes, gravy, and corn on the cob. It was quite yummy. I came into the office afterward to work on getting my vinyl cutter hooked up. I need to cut a design out for my boss's wedding gift. His wedding is this coming Monday - on Labor Day. It's at "the castle" in Chandler. I am going to take my fancy pants camera and take some pictures. Good chance to try it out in all kinds of settings!

A storm is trying to push in, but only have gotten a few rain drops. Lisa said it's pouring at her house. Darn...nothing much usual. We're looking forward to this Saturday - it's doggie play day at her house and Maxine and Dog are totally looking forward to are we. I'm going to make my Baked Potato Salad again and a corn & avocado salsa. Lisa's making the ribs and such. Going to be a lazy day...and I'm glad.


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing the picture of Ari. Since we have been uninvited to Jodi and Angie's blog we never get to see pictures of the kids. We love and miss them. Thanks again for sharing.

Angela said...

I love this picture of is so her! cute!!!

Cindy said...

Cute picture. Love the potato salad!

Jodi said...

Okay a little info regarding this picture. Ari always has to wear the camo clothes just like kev. We always buy her new hiking boots every year. This year she had to have the same as Kev. We took a drive on sunday and got out of the truck to hike to this creek. Ari had on sandels and would not let me change them. So I had to hold her down kicking and screaming to get them on. So the whole way hiking to the creek she was very mad at me. So like always no happy pictures of this kid.
I have always said I would have the girl that loves to be wearing a dress but wants to running and hiking in it. That is my Ari.