Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cristobal and the Zeppoli

So, Mr. Jonah's spanish class name is Cristobal.  I call him Cristobal Jalapeno.  I used to always call him Jelly Bean when he was little.  When he began learning spanish 4 years ago, I didn't know how to say jelly bean, so I just added on the jalapeno part and that's what I started calling him.

He has been obsessed with Olive Garden's "Zeppoli" since we took his family there back in April when they were down visiting us.  So, being the best auntie ever, I helped him look up a recipe online and the other day he and I went shopping for the ingredients to make it.  Okay, so they didn't end up (at all) like the ones at Olive Garden, but we still had fun trying to make them!

We had such a great time together!  This picture of me is so ugly though!  The zeppoli did not turn out like the Olive Garden zeppoli, but what a memory!  Love you Cristobal Jalapeno!

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