Monday, September 21, 2009

She's Finally on the Sofa

Well, Jen is finally able to rest on the sofa.  She's even taken up knitting again!  She isn't sleeping much though so this little rest is welcomed.

Jules and her boys came down today and we all hung out a little bit together.  They stayed for our buffet dinner.  It was a conglomeration of foods left over from meals made and brought in.  There was one point where we grabbed the leftover roast and gravy from the dinner I made yesterday for Sunday dinner.  The gravy was SO GOOD.  There were some pork chops for dinner this particular night and I decided to try some gravy on mine.  Oh yum.  Mmmmm....good.  We started getting floopy from the "gravy....mmmm....good" comments and we even ended up putting some gravy on this slice of bread with butter.

After dinner, we had family home evening.  We had an impromptu lesson on receiving the Priesthood since Kolby will soon be turning 12 and will be ordained.  It was a very sweet evening.  Jonah and Tanner did a great job leading us in singing the opening song too.

Soon, Julie and the boys headed for home.  We all sat around and watched Malcolm in the Middle, then headed off to bed.  Loved cuddle-time with Jonah.

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