Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Flight from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks...

Today I flew up to Utah to be take care of Jennifer after her surgery.  Lisa and Auntie Sigie came and picked me up and then we made a little detour to Wienerschnitzl for a chili dog on our way to the airport.  YUM-O-LA. 

On our way to the airport, we got a nice little rainstorm and I could see the clouds building.  We were definitely going to have a bumpy ride on the way to Utah!  And, we did.....we didn't even get a complimentary beverage because of the turbulence.  Needless to say, I was super parched when we landed and that, along with the warmth in the airport and the "chili dog tummy" I was soon to experience, I wasn't feeling all too well when I got off the plane.  I quickly found a restroom and tried to make myself feel better.  However, Julie, who came to get me, told me I was white as a ghost and looked like I was going to pass out when I walked out of the terminal.

When we touched down in Salt Lake, I got the most wonderful feeling of "coming home."  I KNOW that someday we will end up back here.  I just feel like it's the right place for us.  Melon Man has been itching to move here to be closer to family, but now that we have family in Arizona, on his side too, we feel even more attached to AZ.  It's just so confusing.  The mountains here are true MOUNTAINS and they are so spectacular.  You can see, ever so faintly, that the leaves are starting to change colors and by the time we are back in a few weeks, the mountains will appear to be on fire with the change in color.  I can't wait!  It's been so long since I've experienced that!  Sixteen years, in fact!  I've loved it when my brother Kurt or my sister Jennifer have sent me leaves in the mail in the fall.  I've always cherished them.

Julie and I proceeded to head to Jen's in her ghetto-mobile.  There were a few times we wondered if it was going to move or not!  We just laughed...and prayed! 

We stopped at a Circle K for some water and I guzzled it down.  Then, as we drove by the new Oquirrh Mountain temple, we stopped for a couple quick pictures. 

I'm sure the security guards were just laughing at us as we backed up, pulled forward, drove around, etc. trying to get a shot without the afternoon sun glaring in the camera.  Oh well.  We tried!

So, off we went to Jen's.  It was good to arrive.  She looked pretty wiped out.  Jules and I visited with her for a while.  Eventually Julie went home and I got settled in.  Taylor and Jonah were there to greet me and I was so glad to see them. 

Someone from the ward brought in dinner.  Afterward, the boys and I formed a little music group - Taylor played his guitar and Jonah played his violin.  He went and got another violin for me to play as well.  It had been years and years since I'd played the violin.  Yeah, that was pretty quickly apparent with all the squeeking go on!  It was fun, nonetheless, and Jen was okay with the noise, she said.

Taylor also showed me his Fantasy Football champion trophy.  I've seen a trophy made out of duct tape before, but it was pretty neat!

Soon, it was time for bed....nighty night.

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