Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Week's Update

Just a quick update...have a lot going on this week.

Sunday - Was released from being HFPE leader.  So GRATEFUL.  Grateful for the blessings I received while in that calling.  Grateful for getting to know so many ladies in this ward and in my prior ward.  Grateful for the opportunity to serve others.  Grateful for the opportunity to share my testimony of Christ and the impact He has had in my life with others and to grow spiritually.  Grateful to help the sisters get to know each other.  Grateful for 3 years of fun activities.  Grateful to be released.  Was given a new calling - ward bulletin specialist.  So excited!  Had our first 2-5 p.m. schedule.  Wasn't too bad actually.  I'm sure it will not be so great as time passes, but for this first time, it was fine.  Home teachers came and shared a great message.  Never know if we can answer the phone (just kidding)...Home teachers are the Bishop and the 1st Counselor.  Melon Man's home teaching companion is the 2nd counselor.  You just never know why they're calling!

Tuesday - Went to Food Among Friends.  Is was dessert night.  All REALLY good.  I made Cindy's 5 minute chocolate mug cake.  It was fast, easy, and pretty good.  Don't think I'll put the vanilla in next time and will probably cut back on the cocoa by a tablespoon.  Will definitely keep the chocolate chips included.  Lesson learned - don't try nuking 3 at once!  We had six ladies there this time.  Seems to be about the norm now...and that's okay.

Wednesday - Spent time trying to reinstall my vinyl cutter.  Couldn't get it to work.  HAVE to get it to work soon - have to make a wedding present by this weekend!  Melon Man had a High Priests Presidency meeting tonight, then he came home and we ran to get some dinner.  Went to Applebee's for Shrimp Salad and Fish and Chips.  Total bill including tax and tip - $25.  Stopped at Culver's for some custard on the way home.  Almost $7.  Not worth it.  For $2 more, could have bought 2 quarts of Baskin Robbins ice cream!

Thursday - Went to Wienerschnitzl for 2 chili dogs before I met my friend, Denee, at Real Deals.  It was her first time there.  Such cute Halloween decorations!  I'm not really in to Halloween but I got just a couple little things because 1) they were really cute and 2) they were cheap!  Came home and fixed my vinyl cutter!  Cut out and weeded the vinyl for my boss' wedding gift.  Talked with a few folks on the phone, via text message, and over Facebook.  Designed a vinyl for Lisa's Visiting Teaching conference to set on the table during her lesson. 


Friday - Have the day off.  Yay!  Holly is coming a day early to clean so I can head to Lisa's on Saturday.  Need to design the new ward bulletin.  Mop the wood floors.  Going out to dinner at Carabba's with Catia.  Need to make my Baked Potato Salad for Saturday.

Saturday - Going to breakfast with Denee at the Coral.  Just need some girlfriend time.  Poor Melon Man.  I hope he doesn't feel like I've abandoned him the last two days.  I just really need this.  Will head to Lisa's after I make The Pioneer Woman's Fresh Corn and Avocado Salsa to nosh on while we're swimming and such.  Dog is SO excited to go swimming again!  I'm taking my little camera with the video mode so I can take some video of him.  Gonna take my fancy pants camera too so I can play with my shutter speeds, etc. and get some great water shots.  Both Lisa and I have been having "the talk" with Dog and Maxine about playing "softly" rather than roughhousing like last time.  We don't want either of them to get hurt.

Sunday - Sleep in.  Pay attention to Melon Man (baby - you know what that means).  Pick up around the house, if needed.  Head to church early to copy the program and fold it.  Missionaries coming for dinner.  Hmmm...what to make. usual.  I think these two Elders will REALLY like them.

Monday - Sleep in.  If I can.  Then, get up, try to make myself pretty, get all dressed up, and head out to Chandler to The Castle at Ashley Manor for my boss' wedding.  Yes, you read that right - a castle.  Seriously.  It's the big affair of the year.

And Melon Man's gonna miss it because he has to put out the melons.  An hour and a half drive each way to a place I've never been.  Definitely using the GPS for this one.

So, that's the plan for this lovely holiday weekend.  No Melon Man most of the time...and that makes me sad.

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Rasheta Family said...

can't wait to see the update from the wedding. I put the video of my house on my blog now.