Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Wheelchair and Fresh Air

After we determined that Jennifer was not hemorrhaging from last night's scare, we decided that it would do her some good, as well as myself, to get out of the house and go somewhere.  Julie arrived around 10:30 and we left about 11:15 for Pleasant Grove.  We loaded up Jen in the van and also put the wheelchair Julie had borrowed in the back.

We stopped off at Real Deals in AF or PG and browsed for some fall decor.  I bought a set of indians and a turkey, along with some awesome tassels.  The gold and reddish one is for our guest bathroom and the other two are for the end chairs in our dining room.  The store had them displayed this way and I thought they looked awesome.  (Update:  Um, yeah, the two for the dining room chairs looked wrong in our house so I'm not sure where I will put them now.  Maybe I'll sell them on eBay or something.)  They were only 10 bucks each which was a steal!  Normally, tassels this long, this big, and with metal caps and integrated beads would be at least $40 each.  I am having to leave most of my stuff here in Utah until Melon Man and I come back in a few weeks for Jack's (Kolby's) priesthood ordination since I can't carry it onto the plane due to limited carry-on space.

Jen started to get a little woozie, so she headed out to the van to wait for us.  I quickly paid for my items and headed out with her.  Across the street was this house with these GORGEOUS flowers in front.

I had my camera with me and snapped this impromptu/discreet photo of them.  (You can tell it was a 'discreet' picture because I didn't even bother to try and not get the nice gray garbage can in the picture!)  We were all trying to determine what kind of flowers they were from far away.  We could tell they weren't petunias and we came to a consensus that we think they were vincas.  Whatever they were, they were fantastic.

After Real Deals, we went to PG to go to the Holy Cow craft boutique.  It was similar to a mini Briar Patch.  Only bought a set of pilgrims and some spicy chipotle dip mix.  Yum.  We wheeled Jen in a wheelchair this time and we (and she) were glad we did.  I don't think she would have been able to do it otherwise.  It was fun to be together and get her out of the house so she didn't go stir crazy.  As we were heading out of the building, there was a sign for "Big Buns."  What in the heck?  OH MY.  They were selling these twisted dough twist thingies.  OH MY.  We got one cinnamon roll flavor, one pepperoni flavor, and one garlic flavor.  They were SO good.  We scarfed them down since we were all starving (obviously, since there are no pictures of the twist thingies, only of Jen and Jules).  Mmmmm....good.

We were going to go out and have some lunch at Olive Garden or such, but by then Jen was done in and we were full anyway.  We did decide to stop and pick up some Cafe Rio for lunch and take it home though.  Jen and I had the chicken salads and Jules had a beef burrito.

We watched Never Been Kissed and soon it was time for me to go pick up Cristobal Jalapeno from school.  Julie left after the movie to go home and be with her kids, but not before we had this little burp fest (which Julie will promptly kill me for posting on here)....

Soon it was time to start making dinner for the family.  Jen's neighbors and camp ladies have been so nice to bring in meals a few times, even though I've been here.  Tonight was an off night so I made dinner.  We decided to have Bacon Cheese Casserole, peas, left over corn on the cob for those who don't like peas, and salad.  We had no egg noodles so we just used shells.  It was yummy and comforting.  We spent the rest of the night watching some shows they like to watch and now everyone is in bed, except me.  Early morning choir and school pictures for Cristobal, lunch with Grandma E, laundry, and a date with Cristobal and Tato Bug all on tap for tomorrow.  Also want to try to do a quick drive up the canyon tomorrow to see the leaves that have been changing already.  Can see some red patches on the mountains from the valley, but bet they are completely GORGEOUS up close. 

Nervous about leaving Jen on Saturday, but know she's in good hands with Julie and her friend Stephanie who lives just two doors down.  Am GRATEFUL that I've been able to have this time with Jen and provide some service to her and her family.  Probably haven't been the biggest help, but have tried to keep things in tow.


Julie said...

YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Tucker said...

LOLOL!!! I love Julie's comment! I think it is funny! Looks like you all had so much fun!

Leslie said...

Love that you sisters can entertain yourselves. That's usually how it is at Jennifers except it's from the other end. Taylor kills us everytime.