Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm Glad That's Over (For Now Anyway)

Today is Saturday and I can officially say I am no longer bleeding.  THANK GOODNESS.  It has been a long week.  One far longer than I want to remember.  Thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, commented, or prayed for me.  It means a lot to me.

I woke up this morning with a list of things in my head that I needed to do.  Since I have to travel next week for work and I may end up having my D&C the day after I come back (still haven't heard from the scheduler at the doctor's office), I needed to get a couple things done before Julie's family arrives next Saturday. 

I needed to:
  1. Go to the bank.
  2. Go to Target or Kmart to look for some new pillows and rugs.
  3. Go to Real Deals to look at her Christmas stuff (ok, so our spending moratorium is over.  We made it about 4 out of the 5 weeks mostly.)
  4. Do laundry.
  5. Do the program for church tomorrow.
  6. Clean the office.
  7. Clean the scrapbook room.
  8. Make some bread.
  9. Take something out for Sunday dinner.
  10. Keep working on converting my 2008 blog to a book so I can get it sent in before the discount deadline.
Yeah, ambitious, I know.  Maybe not if I were healthy, but for what I've dealt with this week - yeah - ambitious and probably futile.

Melon Man called me and hinted that he'd like it if I came and had lunch with him today.  I had been thinking about it before he even called, but I knew that route-wise and time-wise, it wouldn't work out.  However, I ended up getting a late start out the door because of working on my blog book and phone calls so I reworked my list.

I headed to the bank.  Then, drove up to WM to have lunch with him.  We just ate at the Subway there in the store.  Then, I shopped a little there, but didn't find any pillows I liked and the rugs - well, I just didn't really want to spend $22 per rug for our bathroom - I need 3!  So, I left there without the two main things I'd really wanted needed to get today.  By the time I left WM, I was worn out.  I didn't even stop and say goodbye to Melon Man.

I got in the truck and headed to Real Deals.  I was disappointed though when I got there...she didn't have a whole lot of Christmas stuff - left or to begin with - I don't know.  It was just kind of sad.  I bought two stick lamps for the office and 3 little snowmen and got 10% off my entire order because I brought in a couple cans of food for her food drive. 

By now, I was done.  I had nothing left in me...and I still needed to drive home and carry groceries in.  I got home and I eventually got all the goods in the house.  But, then I had to sit down on the sofa and just poop out for a bit.  Literally, it was at least an hour before the food got put in the fridge.  Melon Man soon showed up and within a few minutes the doorbell rang.  That was unusual for us...we rarely have visitors that show up unplanned.  It was our cute little neighbor, Sara, who lives in Crazy Irene's old house down the street about 5 doors.  She had both her little boys with her and a plate of cookies and cinnamon rolls.  One of the ladies at church, Megan, had dropped them off for me yesterday when I was at work to help me feel better.  Sara and the boys came in and we visited for a long time - probably about 90 minutes!  Her boys are darling and Melon Man loved playing with Boden while Dog and Presten played fetch forever.  Dog had just recently ripped up his Snoopy baby and so there were baby guts (batting) all over the living room floor.  I hadn't picked it all up yet and so I was embarassed about that, but honestly, I didn't care that much because I was really feeling like crap at the time.  After our guests left, we vegged on the sofa for a while.  We ended up watching National Treasure - again - but on TV this time and both of us crashed during it.  We finally woke up and tried to decide what to do about dinner.  We decided we'd try venturing out, but in the end, we just ended up picking up some Chen Wok and came home and ate it.  I worked on the program for church tomorrow and got it sent off. 

That was ALL I got done from my list today...numbers 1, 3, 5, 9, a little of number 10, and sort of number 2 if you replace Target and Kmart with Wal-Mart.

It wasn't long and I was out.  I finally woke up and crawled into bed. 

(Dang...I didn't get Shelli called for her birthday.  I was waiting up until about 9 or 10 her time when I figured she'd likely be home from her birthday dinner and then I was going to call her.  But, when I ended up waking up, it was too late.  I'll have to call her tomorrow.)  (Yes, I wrote this post the following day.)  Happy Birthday, girl.  I love ya!

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Jennifer said...

It's crazy how long it takes to recover from womanly stuff. I thought I would defy the odds and do my thing. But I have found I can't. There comes a time you just have to listen to your body and let it work in it's own way. Don't do to much. Try and take care of yourself. Love You!