Thursday, November 19, 2009

T Minus 1.5 Days!

I am home from Ohio.  It was rainy and cold there and I actually wished for it to snow just enough that I could see it snow and maybe make me feel like it was the holidays.  But, alas, it just didn't get cold enough.  I very much enjoyed the rain and gloom though!  And then, I was pleasantly happy to come home to 70s and sunshine.

I stopped at Wienerschnitzl for a chili dog on the way home and it was SO good.  I practically scarfed it down!

I got home finally and caught up on some email, phone calls, and blogs, then Melon Man came home and we spent some time together.  Now, he's off to give a blessing to a lady in the ward, I have a ward Christmas Party planning meeting to go to, and then we'll have some din-din.  Gotta work on a report for work so I don't spend all day at work tomorrow doing it. 

Excited that I only have to work tomorrow and then I'm off for a whole week!  Jules and the fam will be here Saturday afternoon and I'm really excited for them to come.  I just have a lot to get done before they get here since there are piles of stuff all over that need to be dealt with. I go!

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