Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Training is Done! Time to Head Home!

Yesterday was our first day of training.  It was called Organization Savvy.  It was all about how to deal with office politics.  How to they can be detrimental, but also useful and helpful, without being detrimental or abused.  It was interesting to see how all these years my upbringing and religious beliefs have influenced my attitude toward office politics.  I've only been able to see office politics as negative and unrighteous.  As with most things, as you get older and are exposed to new and different ideas and situations, your opinions of certain things change.  As a child, I hated mustard and loved ketchup.  As an adult, my tastes have changed and I now love mustard and don't care much for ketchup.  As a first-timer to the temple, I had a very limited opinion and knowledge of the sacredness of that magnificent structure.  As an adult with more life experience and gospel knowledge, I now see the greatness and eternal perspective that is gained in the temple.  Such was the case with my opinion of office politics after this training.  I learned how to utilize office politics to my advantage without hurting others in the process.  It was very eye-opening and enlightening.

Last night, all of the participants went out to dinner at Champs.  I had a very yummy cobb salad.  There was a lot of fun conversation and friendships built and strengthened.  Afterward, I went to Archiver's.  I walked in and looked at everything they had.  I got a little overwhelmed.  It has been so long since I've REALLY scrapbooked and soon my desire to buy something dissipated.  What?!?!  I'd been so excited for weeks to be able to go to Archiver's and now I was here and I didn't want to buy anything?  Yep.  I recently decided that I would not buy anymore cardstock or paper.  I have so much already that I wonder if I will EVER use it all...especially since I don't sit down and scrapbook on a regular basis.  So, I decided to stop looking at any cardstock or patterened paper. Instead, I looked at all the doo-dads and tools, the clearance section, the albums, everything.  I just kept thinking to myself, do I really NEED this?  Will I really USE this (soon)?  So, for an hour, I wandered around the store asking myself those questions.  Finally, I found a couple things I DID want and although I didn't NEED them, I figured they would help make nice placecards for our Thanksgiving table, so I bought them...a couple bottles of Glimmer Mist, a copper glitter, and some scalloped notecards.  Not bad. 

My hormones must be out of it was 45 degrees outside, fine inside the store, and I was sweating like a pig.  The sweat was just rolling down my face, the back of my neck, and my arms were wet.  I couldn't wait to get outside where it was cool.

I walked the 34 steps back to my hotel and came in and went to my room.  I spent the evening watching 6 episodes of Parking Wars and finally fell asleep.  I slept with the window open so I could snuggle under the covers, but sometime in the night, my hormones must have kicked in again because soon all I had over me was the sheet.  I woke up around 2 a.m. when I could hear some drunk guys outside far below and then woke up again around 4 a.m. when the garbage trucks started emptying the dumpsters behind the stores.  Soon it was time to actually get up.  I wasn't quite ready, but after a quickie snooze, I was up, ready, and out the door. 

Our class today was on Business Etiquette.  It was a fabulous class!  Loved, loved, loved it!  I have a couple things I want to work on - that I was and was not aware of - so I feel like the time spent was well worth it.

I'm now back at my hotel and took a little snooze to help revive my drained body.  I also spoke with the surgery scheduler today.  My D&C and ablation will be on December 29th - yay, still in time for this year's taxable medical expenses and under this year's deductible!  Plus, if I need to recover at home, it will be slow enough that it won't greatly impact work.  So, I feel good about that.

Well, I guess I'll wrap up now.  Gotta get to bed early tonight since I have to be up by 4:30 Ohio time (which is 2:30 a.m. Arizona time!) in order to be to the airport on time for our flight home.  I'm happy to be heading home to see Melon Man, Dog, and the little dogs.  I'm also excited because Jules and her fam will be here in just a couple days.  I have a bunch of stuff to get ready and cleaned up, but Melon Man will help me, I hope, so we should be able to get it all done.

Gonna head back over to Archiver's now before it gets too late to grab a couple little things I thought of......

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Casey Lu said...

Mostly my kids have really good complexions, but I do PS them just a tiny bit to take out any pimples or such, dark circles, or whatnot. Yes, I am feeling a little bit better. Been really trying to keep the spirit with me to help. I tried taking my anti-depressant, but it gave me the most horrible migraine, body shakes, and I honestly felt like I was taking poison, so I stopped taking the. Made me think of the WOW, ya know, don't take anything into your body that you shouldn't. So I have been praying, reading scriptures, and cleaning to try and help combat the ppd. I even went into town today for my distant brother to be Ordained as an Elder. Was a really nice ordination and he definitely could use all the help to give him strength as Satan is fighting tooth and nail to keep him. I miss you, how have you been doing lately? What are you and Clint doing for Thanksgiving? Are you going to Jennifer's or going to Aunt Sig's? We should get together soon and do something crafty! If we don't talk before Thursday, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!! Luv ya!