Friday, December 4, 2009

Yippee, It's Friday! (Updated)

This week seems like it's gone pretty quickly, but that's probably only because it's been really busy for me at work and I've worked long hours again.  I am truly GRATEFUL that today is Friday, I get to leave early (to go to the podiatrist), and that the weekend is finally here. 

I was supposed to go to the Relief Society Christmas social last night, but I just couldn't.  I was beat.  I still do not feel well.  My bleeding had slowed down over the last two days but is starting to pick right back up again.  I am still dealing with my bronchial/hacking/coughing/no voice thing.  So, I just couldn't bring myself to go.  There were even two sweet sisters in the ward who thought of me and called ME to see if I'd like to go with them.  Sadly, I had to decline.  But, I was GRATEFUL that they actually thought of ME.

I had made Bacon and Cheese Casserole for dinner.  It should have been quick and easy, but this health stuff just sucks the life out of me and so it took a while to make it.  When Melon Man walked in, he did the "smell" test and was like "mmmmm, smells g---, like...., bacon and cheese casserole....yuck."  My heart sank.  I had worked on it when I didn't feel well.  I could have once again said just stop and get something.  I could have done nothing at all.  But, I took the time and energy to make I THOUGHT he liked.  I told him he hurt my feelings and he said he was just joking...well, your favorite mother-in-law used to say..."the damage is already done."  I really do think he was joking, but to get that initial reaction just wasn't what I needed at that point.  Anyhow, he gobbled it down when it was ready. not use sharp cheese or cheese that may have gone sharp.  Ew....just doesn't taste right.

I have been working on our annual holiday luncheon at work this week.  It always takes a lot of my time during the month of December.  I'm SO GRATEFUL that I am not the lead on it this year.  This year, I get to mainly just worry about the scheduling portion of it.  That, in and of itself, is probably the hardest part with the most logistical issues, but we're kind of getting it down to a science now.  Most people just don't understand what it takes to seat and feed 2,000 people in a space that is only allowed to hold 400 people at once in a place that works employees from 4 am to midnight while still trying to maintain good food quality and taste and fitting in their lunch time as close to their normal lunch time as possible, while trying to come in at or under the ridiculously low budget you're given in comparison to the budget they get at headquarters while dealing with increasing costs and a demand to "MAKE IT BETTER".  Well, yep, that's what I and my other 3 counterparts in the center do every year.  I hope it will all turn out well this year.  We took a risk with tradition last year and changed a couple things and this year we're really mixing it up.  I hope it all works!

Well, on tap for, go to the podiatrist to have 4 toenails removed permanently, fold laundry, pick up, and maybe bring in some tree decorations to work on the tree.  We'll see how bad the toenail removal is....


I am now home from work and from the podiatrist.  All four ucky toenails GONE!  The shots are the most painful part of the whole thing.  They make you want to scream out foul words.  They actually weren't as bad this time as they were when I got my 3rd toe on my right foot taken off a year ago, so that was really good.  However, because I was having 4 toenails removed, I had to have 5 (or six, I can't remember) shots in each foot!  The following pictures are not of my surgery...can you believe it....I forgot my camera!  So, I borrowed these from someone else.
After the shots, the doctor leaves you alone for about 10 minutes.  Your toes become incredibly numb pretty quickly.  You can move them, but you can't feel them for anything!  Then, they put a tourniquet on your toe(s).  Yeah, mine looked like blue and orange condoms without the receptable end.  The doctor and his accompanying med student laughed at that one.  It's can too. I personally thought it was pretty funny myself.
After you are really numb, the doctor then DIGS under your nail and around down by the cuticle with a digger.

Then, he grabs these plier type things and twists and turns the nail.  Then, the whole entire nail, root and all, suddenly "pops" out.

Next, they put liquefied Phenol down where the root was so that it burns away any chance of regrowth.  Yeah, that burns a little on fresh baby skin.
Then, they slather that antiobiotic cream - what's it called? - Ah, Neosporin - all over the fresh new skin to protect it.

Then, they wrap it all up and you come home looking like this.  I can only feel half of each of my feet - 2 hours later!  Yes, this is a picture of my actual feet - still bleeding a bunch and REALLY dry.  I would just love it if someone would rub lotion on my feet everyday.  Poor Melon Man...this is the beginning of a long 2-4 weeks for him.  He will have to "do" my toes every morning which means he will have to get up and put goo and betadyne on them, along with band-aids and such every morning and then again, every night for that time to help them heal.  He was so good with me last year when I had the one nail removed.  He hardly ever complained - maybe just twice - about having to get up and do it for me.

Now that I am home, I don't think I want to make dinner tonight.  I feel some place calling.  I don't know where, but some place.  I'm craving a big yummy salad.  Chili's buffalo chicken salad sounds YUM.  Then again, I could be fine with just something Melon Man brings home from work too. 

I'm cold.  I'm sitting here with a blanket over me.  It is supposed to get into the 20s at night here the next couple of nights so I think I'm gonna run to Goodwill tomorrow for some old sheets to cover the plants with if we get frost warnings since we're not putting Christmas lights out this year which usually do a really good job keeping the plants warm during frosts.  It's actually supposed to only be in the 50s next week for the high...yay!!

I should work on the decorations for the tree tonight, but I'm not feelin' it.  So...I'm going to go grab the basket of laundry and head for the sofa and watch "The Nativity Story" movie while I wait for Melon Man to come home.  Maybe that will put me in the spirit...


Shelli Clark said...

And when will you be posting the yummy casserole recipe for all of us to enjoy?

Lisa Tucker said...

Och!!!!!!!! Sorry honey!

Angela said...!!!! That totally looks like it would hurt!!!

Cindy said...

Yowch! I couldn't look at the pictures, only read the captions. Hope you are feeling better soon, and btw: I LOVE bacon and cheese casserole. I was one of the first your mom ever served it too when I came to babysit you and Jennifer.

Angela said...

I love Bacon and Cheese Casserole family loves it when I make it....