Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Dog!

Melon Man's day off was today so he took me to work so he could take my truck in to have the brakes replaced.  I could have driven his vehicle, but 1) I like spending that extra time with him and 2) let's just say I don't like driving his SUV. 

He got right in at the shop and they told him the brakes were fine.  So, instead, he had the belts and hoses changed out, the radiator flushed, and a new filter of some sort put on.  Hello, $540, goodbye.  Oh well, it's for a good cause.  He's very good at keeping up on the car maintenance and because of that, his car has lasted a long time.  I just hit 60,000 miles on my truck and so it was time.  Funny...I've had 3 batteries in the 4 years I've had the truck, but everything else has been great the rest of the time.  Batteries just don't last long here in hell, I mean the desert.

When all the work was done - both on the truck and at work, he came back to get me.  And guess who was in the back seat wagging his tail all excited to see me!  Yep, Dog!  So cute...how can anyone not love this face?!?!?
I thought I've give an update on the abominable snow baby that Dog received for Christmas from Auntie Lisa and Uncle Tile Guy.  He LOVES this baby.  He plays with it EVERY day.  He loves to play fetch with it and walk around with it in his mouth squeeking it constantly.  When he first got it, it looked fluffy and white ( I wish I'd taken a picture!).  After 12 hours, it looked like this:
But, now it looks like this:
Ewwwww....gross.  Side by side:

Well, at least we can tell he loves it.  I think I'm going to wash it in the washer.  It will probably guck up squeeker for a bit, but after squeeking it a bunch, I'm sure it will be fine.

It was a lazy evening.  We watched a few shows on tv and then headed for bed around 9:15.  Yep, 9:15.  Sleeeeeeeep..........rest..........wonderful.

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Lisa Tucker said...

I love dog and his baby! Maxine would have had the whole thing riped up! However these are great pictures. I am glad he like it! We love him!!! Koda that is!