Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vegas, Day Two, Part One

This morning was nice. We slept in for a bit, laid around for a while, realized we'd messed around too long and hurried and got ready and ran out the door. We rushed down to the valet and had them grab the truck for us and we scrambled to get to Hash House a Go Go for brunch with Shelli. It was pretty easy to find and so we sat out front and waited for her to arrive.
We had to wait about 20 minutes before our table was ready and she arrived just a few minutes after they seated us. Poor Melon Man...his hearing suffers in loud places, so he couldn't hear much of our conversation without us yelling it to him. We had a good time catching up on stuff and Shelli's red hair is so pretty and professional. Mine totally sucked today. It was a quicky wash and go job this morning since we had been running behind. But...I really do need a new do.

Shelli and I have been friends since 1988 when we became roommates at "the Y." That was a totally fun year for us and also a hard year for us. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We went through a lot. Oh, the nights of jumping on our beds to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music! And the Koala Springs burping contests! What fun memories! We've also been through a lot since college - but usually separately in our own little lives. We've since come to learn that we have gone through some of the very same things without even knowing it until later and then we've been there to support each other the best we could long distance. It's a good thing we have phones and email.
Our food finally arrived and these are pictures of what each of us ordered. Melon Man ordered the Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Eggs Benedict. Say that three times fast! It has Andy's sage fried chicken with fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, griddled mozzarella, chipotle cream, and scrambled eggs. Oh my, I am having that the next time we go there. It was SO good!
I ordered the roast chicken hash like I did the last time we were in San Diego. I loved it so much then - but not so much this time. I asked them to please add cheese to the hash and they brought out a cup of grated cheese that I had to just dump over it and hope it would melt - which it didn't because I think they must have had mine sitting there for a while because it wasn't warm at all and the potatoes were seriously burned to a crisp. The menu says it's topped with two eggs, but as shown they were scrambled and off to the side. I guess there are always differences between restaurant locations....I ate the eggs, the chicken, the cheese, and a few of the somewhat non-burned potatoes. The asparagus was way underdone and too crisp still - I mean almost raw. I was way disappointed considering what a phenomenal dish this was in San Diego. Bummer.
Maria, I mean Shelli, had the Cobb salad. I used to think Cobb salad was disgusting (when I was a kid) because it had blue cheese on it. Now, I LOVE it! I seriously wish I'd gotten this to eat instead of my crispy asparagus burned potato scrambled egg dish. It comes with all the good stuff of a cobb salad, including blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumbles, but they also add "barbecue dressing." I bet the combination was delicious!
It looked like it tasted divine. Too bad the lighting in the restaurant, along with my poor photography and even poorer Photoshop skills, didn't help this look more appetizing. It really did look yummy! Maybe if I show a picture from the restaurant's website, you'll get a better idea of just how delicious this really looked!
It was soon time for Shelli to get back to work and so we said our goodbyes while Melon Man bought some souvenirs from the restaurant. Off she went and soon we were on our way too. We have become huge fans of the show "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel. One of our excursions while we were here that we just KNEW we had to do was stop in at 713 South Las Vegas Blvd at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop to see Rick, Big Hoss, Chumlee, and the Old Man and to see what the pawn shop was really like in real life.
We were able to get right in and not have to wait in a "queue" outside. Antwoin, the bouncer, was quite friendly and did a great job ensuring there were not too many people in the store - you know - for fire code reasons, etc. They were filming today, but apparently in the back - probably for the interview part. Soon, The Old Man came out of the back - just as we were getting there in the line. He was "happy" to pose for a picture with us - even though he doesn't look too happy.
We took this picture just for Kevin - who was SO JEALOUS when he found out we were going there. He told us, "You suck!" We looked for a souvenir for him from the store, but couldn't find anything except a bunch of T-shirts that were a little pricey. So, we just phone-sent him some pics. We saw Rick, Big Hoss, and Chumlee too while we were there. We ended up buying a ring for me that has five gems in it in emerald cut. There is a ruby, a peridot, a blue citrine, a yellow topaz, and an amethyst. It's being sized today and we will need to come back tomorrow to pick it up before we leave for home.

After we left the pawn shop, we decided to drive down the strip and see the sights. There were SO MANY people around. I really wanted to get a picture of the famous Vegas sign. I was sure the picture would suck since I'd have to take it out of the window as we were driving by, but lo, and behold, somebody smart in Vegas probably decided that it would be better for them to build a little parking area in the center of the road where people could park and get out to take their pictures rather than wrecking while taking pictures or what not. So, we parked and got out. There were quite a few people taking pictures so we waited our turn and then some folks took this picture of us for us. I think it turned out splendid, except all the lovely power lines in it. It would have been really cool to get it when the lights were on too, but oh well. The grass looks absolutely lovely, doesn't it? It's FAKE! All over the strip there was this beautiful green grass. I kept thinking, wow, ours at home doesn't look at that dark and lovely! Then, I looked at it up close as we were driving that first day and could BARELY tell it was fake. I WANT IT! I'm tired of paying someone to mow ours and seed it and water it and weed it and edge it and all that. I wonder how much it would be for our little yards....
As we were heading back to the truck, I saw this plaque on the ground. It says "The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign 1959 has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior." Wow. Cool.
We started to head back up the strip and these are some of the sights I caught while we were driving....The Luxor Hotel. Yep, more fake grass.
The New York, New York Hotel, along with the Statue of Liberty and the roller coaster.
The Eiffel Tower at The Paris Hotel. It was pretty at night, although we never could see much of it from our hotel because it was mostly hidden by another hotel. It would have been totally romantic though if we'd been able to see the whole thing...I would have felt like we were in Paris!
The Venetian Hotel. It was right across the street from our hotel. I had originally wanted to stay there for our trip, but it was like $159 a night - BEFORE taxes and valet and tips and all. TI was only $69 a night and it was still pretty nice. Maybe we can stay at the Venetian if we ever go back to Vegas for another vay-kay.
This is the outdoor area in front of the Venetian. They have indoor and outdoor gondola rides. I sat and watched the people and the gondolas while Melon Man went inside to use the tinkletorium. I think he really went inside to play some slots without me! He was gone long enough to do so, but he says he didn't! Hmmmm...
The sun started setting a little while I was waiting for him. Pretty, huh? Actually, it didn't. I Photoshopped it into the picture just to see how it would look!
Next, we went to Madame Tussauds. Melon Man had been dying to go there. I wasn't too keen on going there at first, but once we got inside, it was a lot of fun taking pictures with all the "folks."
Ladies and gentlemen, our first guest today is Al Roker from the Today Show!

AL: Tell me Mr. Melon Man, how's the weather here in Vegas for you and your wifey?

MELON MAN: Ah, it's great Al. I'm lovin' it and she hasn't had a drop of sweat run down her neck yet! It's actually quite lovely - only in the 50s and low humidity. Thanks for helping her out with that!

AL: No "sweat" man!
We next ran into Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Ewwww...I can't stand the two of them. But, I caught Melon Man checking out Angie's boobs. He is a boob man, ya know. He tried to tell me he was just talking to her, but she didn't say anything.
I was jealous of Melon Man looking down Angie's dress so I found a hunky guy to hang out with. Hello, Mr. Matthew McConaughey! Too bad this likeness of you is not nearly as dreamy as you really are! And, Melon Man made sure this picture was blurry so I couldn't blow up the picture and put it on our bedroom wall! Bummer!
It was truly a fight back and forth between us now. Melon Man found Julia Roberts and she sat him right down in front of her and was ready to give him a neck massage until I walked up. Lady, you go back to George Clooney and his Ocean's Eleven. I think they are down at The Bellagio (which we never did see the fountain show!) robbing the casino.
Oh, Mr. Connery.  Why couldn't they have done you as the submarine captain from The Hunt for Red October?  You were so beautiful in that movie!
Mistress number 15?  Not even.  I think what Tiger did to his wife is horrible.  So what if he's a good golfer?  It was just wrong.  I worry about this picture showing up in the National Enquirer though...
Evander Holyfield...Watch out Melon Man...two bald guys boxing?  Yeah, I think you're gonna lose.  His hands are bigger than yours.
Now, this is quite funny.  Shaquille O'Neal in a Phoenix Suns uniform and a mural in the background with Lakers fans - the team he USED to play for.  Oops!  Did someone make a mistake with that one?  Melon Man...are you poking the Pillsbury Doughboy?
Babe Ruth.  What more can you say?
I've seriously asked Melon Man 10 times who this guy is.  Every time I think I remember, I forget.  So, it's Richard Petty, I know that now.  But I truly want to call him Tall Skinny Guy with Flag Under Arm.
Now, this guy I know.  Mr. Evil Knieval.  You should have seen Melon Man trying to get on that bike.  Honey, you're gettin' old.  Your leg just didn't want to go that high.
The irritating, but honest truth Simon Cowell from American Idol.  Yeah, not the best likeness.  I don't think he liked Fatty Girl sitting next to him either.  Scary...those statues are supposedly the same size as the real person.  I am GINORMOUS compared to him.  I guess my new name should be DIET GIRL.
Rock on, Billy Idol.  You're such a rebel.  Flown on any planes with a wedding singer lately?
You can totally tell the age difference between Melon Man and me.  I went for all the people that were popular while I was growing up and Melon Man hooked up with all the old folks...like Little Richard....woooooooooo!!!!!
Now, this was quite interesting.  Here is Prince.  Or, the artist formerly known as Prince or & or % or @ or whatever symbol he's using nowadays to represent his name.  Anyhow....this likeness was so entirely real that I seriously had to take a second look to make sure it wasn't really him standing there pretending to be Prince's likeness.  But....right next to him was a likeness of Michael Jackson.  Now, that one, he truly did look fake and plastic!
This one cracks me up...Melon Man with Snoop Dog.  I didn't even think Melon Man knew who Snoop Dog was!  Yet, he knew exactly how to do his gestures and facial expression.  Wut up wit dat?
Look at that extremely cool floor.  It's psychedelic baby!  Um...who's the Rat Pack?
Okay, so I'm not totally sure who the Rat Pack was, but I do know that Frank Sinatra was one of them.  See...told ya...Melon Man hangs with all the old guys...he's even snapping his fingers along while singing with him.
This is some Vegas gangster named Bugsy.  Melon Man couldn't remember his last name either...at least when I was typing this.
Ooooh, it's Lib-er-a-chee...Sparkly.  Need I say more?
Tony Bennett, another old guy, and Wayne Newton in the background.
Danke schoen, darling danke schoen.  No, I am not Mrs. Ellen Griswold.  But, he IS cute.
The Blue Man Group.  Duh.
Debbie Reynolds.  Can that slit get any higher?  I'm surprised Melon Man didn't look underneath!
Love me tender, love me true.  All my dreams fulfilled.  I thought Elvis looked pretty good for being 75 years old!
Sigfried and Roy pre-tiger maul.  Do you ever just wonder about them?  Oooooh.  Yuck.
Another very fine man....and another very blurry picture.  I guess this one's not going on the ceiling in our bedroom either.  Dang.  Nicholas...did you get that tax issue worked out yet?
I did not have sexual relations with that woman!  Oh wait...wrong guy.  Read my lips...oh wait...that was his dad.  Oh yeah....Y'all are part of the Axis of Evil.
I think JFK looks young and handsome.  Mrs. Kennedy though...a little fake.  Love the dress though.  Melon Man...why aren't you smiling?
I felt like I was in "National Treasure 3" here.  Like I'd gone back in time and we were meeting Ben Franklin and George Washington.  Cool.
Abe...you need to eat.  You're looking a little thin in the face.  Some show that Melon Man made me watch though said that you ended up looking like that because of the stress of the office.  Why isn't that working for me?  My face and body just keep getting fatter from that stress!
“I'm the stuff men are made of” said John Wayne.  And then he said, “Healthy, lusty sex is wonderful.”  I agree.
This picture is for Mr. Spock's mom and dad.  When I first joined that family, I made a terrible mistake of saying that I hated John Wayne movies.  I thought I was going to be thrown out of the house immediately.  I never made that mistake again.  I've even watched a few of them here and there.  I guess he's all right.....
Melon Man just loves Muhammad Ali.  Orpah, in the background, apparently does too.  She couldn't stay out of view of the camera.  Everytime I tried to take the picture, she'd jump in view.  Dang her.
More old guys...Louis Armstrong and James Brown.  Have you ever seen Louis' cheeks when he's blowin'?  They are HUMONGOUS!
I practically had to beg Melon Man to be in this picture.  Neither of us were going to have our picture taken with this fool of a president, but finally we agreed and I just had to give him the bunny ears since it wouldn't I don't give people the finger.  Hello...dude...don't you see the country is going in the toilet?
And yeah, we're not buying the special souvenir photo for $22 either.  Thanks, but no thanks.


Cindy said...

What a fun trip. Did you know that Abe Lincoln suffered from depression? Maybe that's why he was so thin. You were 'kind'. I would NOT have taken a picture with Obama!

Lisa Tucker said...

Wow! I love the pictures! Looks like so much fun! Cindy is right brave to take the picture w/Obama. I think I would given him the finger in his ear and than taken the picture!