Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Update

I cannot believe that I have not blogged in two weeks!  Well, I have, but it's been catching up from while I was on my trip. 

Things have been busy at work.  I've been working on a project in my new job and it's very time-consuming.  Can't really go into it. 

Received word yesterday that my Uncle Bob is getting very close to passing away.  So's been less than 6 months since his daughter, Wendy, my cousin, passed away from breast cancer.  I really think he "hung around" and waited for her to go first so it wouldn't be so hard on my Auntie to lose her child because she would be busy taking care of him instead of dwelling on Wendy's death.  Now, he's ready to go join Wendy, my mom, and all the other family that are on the other side.  Oh, what a reunion that will be!  Lisa and I will probably be going out for the funeral together without Melon Man and Tile Guy.  It's okay...we knew it would probably have to be that way.  We understand.

Church was good today.  Two special things happened.  Josie, a young lady who just was baptized yesterday, was confirmed by a cousin from American Samoa.  He was so soft-spoken when he was confirming her.  I was taken aback by his tenderness but even more taken aback when as part of her blessing said that she would have the gift of tongues.  It reminded me of my Patriarchal blessing and how I've been also given that gift.

The next thing that happened was also very tender to me.  Jim is a fairly new member.  I think he's been a member for about 2 years.  His wife hardly ever is able to come with him due to work.  But, today was his first time ever blessing the sacrament.  I thought about how here he is, about 45 years old and it's his first time.  You could tell he was nervous as he broke the bread and he sort of rushed through the blessing, but it was still so sweet to witness this.  I got a few tears in my eyes as I watched.

I played the piano in Primary today.  Man, I have GOT TO PRACTICE more!  I really struggle with playing because I just don't know the songs they sing in there now and I don't play a lot - just on the fourth Sundays.  It's fun to watch the kids get excited though.  They are just cute.

Lisa and Tile Guy are coming over in a bit for prime rib dinner so I better go get it in the oven and finish picking up around here.  Melon Man did his chores and is now asleep on the sofa.  We're all going to watch 2012 after dinner.  I'm so glad they're coming over.  It will be good to be together if we get word that Uncle Bob has died.  What a fun man he was!  We will greatly miss him.

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Cindy said...

Good things.

Waiting for word also on Uncle Bob. Hard times. Have a good visit and dinner! Wish we were closer.

I got the vinyl. It is so pretty. It will make a beautiful tile and a very nice present for her mom. Thank You--I'll send the money off this week.

Love You--