Monday, March 29, 2010

Uncle Bob is Gone

First, an update from last night.  Dinner was great. The prime rib was delicious. We also had baked potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, and salad.  Yum.  We all just sat around and talked. 

Got word throughout the evening on Uncle Bob. Things are not looking too good at this point. All the kids are there. How sad that they just lost their sister and now their dad too. We hear that Russell is not looking well either so I hope he doesn't pass away soon too. That would just be devastating to everyone.  Uncle Bob was "reaching out" yesterday and when people around him would ask why, he would say he could see Wendy and my mom.  How sweet!  We were also told that the house feels very "full" as in full of spirits nearby.  I'm sure there are.  Uncle Bob is a great man and loved by many.  I'm sure there are many people waiting for him to join them. 

After Lisa and Tile Guy left, our home teacher (the bishop) came by and visited with us for a while. It was a nice visit. He complimented me on the ward bulletin and I was happy about that. He said that even the Stake Presidency recently commented on how nice it looked. And, while we were getting ready to sit down to dinner, a lady from the Sun Valley ward called and asked for my help with hers - she's just been called to that position. After we talked about all of that, somehow we got on the topic of reading the Book of Mormon.  I happened to tell the bishop that because I do not like to read (at all), I have never actually read the entire Book of Mormon.  I think he was a little shocked.  I told him my testimony is based on the testimonies of others and of experiences I have had in my life that have drawn me back to the Savior when I have strayed.  He then talked about how I need to read it.  And then he did it...the ultimate commitment question...Will you read the Book of Mormon?  I'm surprised he didn't add "for me" on the end.  I use that all the time at work.  It really makes people commit.  I agreed, knowing I couldn't decline the bishop.  So, I am going to try to read it all by the end of the year.  I am in Jared 5 now.  Oh goodness...I hope I can do it.  I know it will draw me even closer to the Savior - I hope He will help me keep my eyes and mind open so it will interest me enough to keep reading.

Now, today's entry.

Uncle Bob's hospice nurse came by to check on him.  At first, he said that it would be just a few days longer.  By the time he left, he had changed his assessment and said it would only be a few hours...and it was.  About 5 hours later, Uncle Bob was gone.  Very peacefully, he slipped from this world into the next.  David was laying next to him.  How tender that must have been with his youngest son lovingly holding him in his arms and then to slip into the Savior's arms and to be told "welcome home thou good and faithful servant."  I will miss Uncle Bob.  He was always so cute when he laughed or tricked you.  I can just imagine him up there with my mom and Wendy and all three of them looking down at us laughing, saying "Hah!  It's way better up here than down there!!!"

We are hoping the funeral will be this weekend so those of us from out of state can more easily attend.  We'll find out tomorrow, I hear.  I love you Uncle Bob.  I'll miss you!


Jennifer said...

We have committed to reading the BOM together as a family before Taylor goes on Trek. We are listen to it on the podcast from the church and follow along. I have found that it makes it much more enjoyable than just reading. We are really enjoying it. Maybe you should give it a try.

Katie said...

Where do I find this podcast? I'd much rather like to listen to it, then read it.

Kristin said...

Katie - I will send you a link to your email address. I have it on my iPod, so maybe I will try Jennifer's way too and maybe it will help me!