Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time to Make the Donuts

So, I don't make donuts...but this is the way I felt today.  It seemed I got home (back to the hotel) really late last night, did just a couple things, and then it was already 1 AM and I was just heading for bed.  The alarm going off at 5 AM (which is really 4 AM to my body) didn't help.  Then, working until 10 PM tonight, I really felt like Fred....coming and going....back and forth to all hours....

I had stayed late to keep working on the forecast.  Luckily, a friend from work had brought me some dinner so I didn't have to leave to go get some.  It was incredibly quiet and wonderful.  However, I kept thinking about how much I really wanted to be back at the hotel relaxing. 

Finally, it was 10 PM and I was beat.  I had taken the shuttle over this morning instead of driving and so I called the hotel to have the shuttle come pick me up.  I headed downstairs to wait for him.  He finally arrived, following the security guy.  What?  Then, I realized, they aren't used to having out-of-town workers working so late so the security folks were probably suspicious of the shuttle guy wanting to come on property at 10 PM at night so they just escorted him. 

I talked the shuttle guy into giving me my car keys and I would just get my own car out of the valet parking in the morning so I wouldn't have to pay for another night.  He was cool with it.  I hadn't planned on working so late tonight so I really didn't want to be penalized for that by having to pay another $15 out of my own pocket (valet parking is not reimbursable by our company unless that is the ONLY parking the hotel offers - like in NYC).

I cruised up to my room and just collapsed into a heap of goo.  I was really tired.  When I travel, I don't sleep well.  Usually, it's because of the bed.  But this hotel has really nice beds.  It's just been the time zone difference, I think and missing Melon Man.  It's like I don't even go to sleep until 1 AM or so and that's so bad when you're getting back up at 6 AM.

Tomorrow is Friday and so I will be able to wear jeans to work.  Yay!  However, no tennis shoes.  Still have to wear regular dress attire shirts and shoes.  Huh?  I think dress shoes with jeans looks crazy.  Sandals look okay and penny loafers look alright for guys, but I don't have any of those so I wore my black dress boots.  I guess they looked okay, but I wouldn't do it again unless I had to.  Man, am I glad we can wear tennis shoes to work in the "field."


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