Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a Cold Morning and a New Do

First off, today is April 2nd.  And, it is this cold this morning...

Now, I know that 44 degrees is not really all that cold.  Especially to those who live in Utah or other cold, freezing climates.  But for Arizona, 44 degrees is cold anytime, especially in April!  I actually had to turn the heat on a little bit in the truck on the way into work today.  Don't mock me.  I was a little chilled!

Worked until 4:30 or so and then left.  Had an appointment to get my haircut fixed (since the girl at the other place slaughtered it) and to get the color done.  It's been over a year since I had color last done, I think, and so it was really time.  I was, again, having one of those "just cut it all off" or "do whatever you want to it" moments today.  Now, most people would NEVER go get their hair cut when they are having one of those moments, but I always do.  Usually I'm down on myself for one reason or another and getting my hair cut off and colored changes my mood dramatically before I leave the salon.

Today was no different.  I've been feeling blah about seeing all my cousins again and me looking crappy.  It's bad enough that I'm so fat, but the least I could do is feel good about the way my hair and such look.  Lately, I just hate my hair - the style, the color, the curls, everything.  That, along with my weight, the ever horrible acne I'm experiencing, and whatever else goes on in my little brain just makes me have an unfavorable impression of myself.  So, I really needed a change.

I went to see Lucy. 

She has moved into a new salon at the "Salon Boutique".  I had no idea what to expect when I walked in, especially since the last place she worked was called "The Hair Hut."  Um, yeah, not the best name for a "salon".  But, I always just overlooked the bamboo on the walls and the stuffed birds hanging from the ceiling because she usually did a good job on my cut and color and it was half the price of a fancy schmancy salon.

So, I walk in and I am in HEAVEN!  (Queue the angels....sing it girls....ahhhhhhhhh!)

Yes, this is really what it looks like!  Chandeliers, individual salons decorated in each person's own individual style, coved ceilings, waiting seating, just lovely.  My appointment was for 5:30 and I was about 30 minutes early so I wandered around the place.  It was fun to see all the different ways the individual salons were decorated.  Some modern, some cutesy, others not much decorating, etc.  I decided to take this picture of the hallway where I was sitting...the little shop across the way was also selling purses and such.
I thought of my friend, Becky, who went to Aesthetics school.  This would be the perfect place for her to do her business.  The great thing about it was that if one person didn't want to pay for an entire shop themself, they could share it with another one or two girls and each could have their own day or times they are open.  You can totally make your own hours.  Lucy was there with me until 9 p.m.!  Plus, she can work Sundays, if she wants, she said.

I left there feeling exhilarated and like a new woman.  The cut - fabulous.  She said the previous person hadn't even put an A-line in my hair.  It was like she'd started, but didn't finish.  The color - PHENOMENAL!  We used three colors - 2 blondes and a brownish-red.  Oh goodness, Melon Man is going to flip.  He keeps telling me to go blonde and I just haven't been able to do it yet.  But, this is the closest I have come so far!  And....I LOVE IT!  Picture to come soon.

And...was it worth it?  Yep.  All seventy dollars of it.  I left there feeling sassy, spunky, and fun.  I felt like I had a new outlook on life.  I felt so much better.  Wow, I can't believe I have shorter hair in the back than I do in the front!


Cindy said...

Yes it is ADORABLE on you. I think you should always keep it that short. It is a great look on you. I loved it!

Casey Lu said...

I can't wait to see your new hair cut and color! That is such a cool salon! Where is it located? I am looking for a new stylist.

Lisa Tucker said...

Yes your hair does look good!