Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New Life

This new "Mormon Message" was just posted today and if you've ever heard of Nie-Nie out here in blogger land, or even if you haven't, you'll be deeply touched by her message. It gave me a new sense of womanhood and a new sense of what my purpose in life here on earth is all about. Click here if the video does not appear on your screen.


Cindy said...

Yes, I watched it yesterday and it is very good. I've seen her around Provo when I've been there. Great story and message.

Katie said...

Kristin I am soooo glad you posted this. I have been reading her blog all day. What a message this family has. I'd like to meet her. I think I'll send her a card today. I'm sure she gets many, but wow what an inspiration!

Lisa Tucker said...

I saw her on "O" it was an awesome story. Thanks for posting this.