Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandparent's Day

Today was our Primary's "Grandparent's Day".  Although we aren't grandparents, we were invited to attend since we're in the "older" group in the ward now.  I thought it would be fun to go in case there were some extra kids that needed "grandparents" because theirs didn't live near enough to attend.  So, once Melon Man got home from work, he rested for a little bit and then got back up and we went.  We were surprised at all the folks that were there.  It seemed like we weren't really needed and so we decided to go.  But then someone saw us leaving and they found us a spot to sit. 

We had a fun little time with these two girls.  All of the kids had arrived earlier and had worked to draw little pictures for the grandparents.  Then, each child had a cute little questionnaire to ask questions of their grandparent.  Some of the questions were things like what's your favorite holiday, how many kids were in your family, what was your favorite subject in school, etc.  It was fun to watch the reactions of some of the kids with some of the answers.

Soon, it was time for lunch.  We were served sub sandwiches, chips, and watermelon with a cookie for dessert.  We had a very fun time playing with Ava, Isabelle, and Yvonne.  What fun little girls!  They certainly got a kick out of Grandpa Melon Man!

As a last little gift, all of the children sang to the grandparents.  It was darling.  I'd been playing this song for them in Primary and never once did I put two and two together that it was for today!

After Grandparent's Day was over, we headed home so I could do about 152 loads of laundry in preparation for our trip.  I leave for Columbus, Ohio in the morning and then in a few days, Melon Man will meet up with me there and we'll head to Michigan.  I have to take enough clothes for 2 weeks, plus all of Melon Man's clothes for the trip as well since I can check my bags and he can't without a fee. 

I also did two weeks worth of church programs and ran them over to the Bishop's house.  Then I packed.  And packed.  And packed.  And packed.

So, that's how the rest of the day went...and, as usual the night before a trip, I didn't go to bed until really late.  I hope I can get up at 3:30 a.m. like I need to!

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