Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Your Dream Job?

So, today I was driving to work, listening to the morning drive radio show.  The hostess was going on and on about this and that like she always does.  Then, just as she went to commercial, she asked "What's your dream job?"  Without even skipping a beat, I instantly had my answer.  I was very intrigued to hear what the top 3 dream jobs are, so I kept listening.

The answers kind of surprised me.  I thought people would have said doctor, lawyer, stuff like that.  But no, it was:

1.  Actor/Actress
2.  Rockstar
3.  Professional Athlete

My heart suddenly sank, but then just about as fast as it sank, it skyrocketed.  See, my heart sank at first because I was saddened that a vast majority of society dreams of a job that is driven by money, sex, and less than stellar values.  I was saddened that not one of the top 3 jobs was the one that I said.  But, I knew it was unrealistic - unrealistic both from a worldly view and unrealistic from actuality view. 

See, my dream job is to be a mom.  And not only a mom, but a stay-at-home mom, with kids running all over, playing in the backyard, teaching them to count, to read, to swim, teaching them modesty, honesty, integrity, the scriptures, values, how to be a good citizen, to love others, to help others, to love the gospel, to clean, to cook, to work hard at whatever you do, all of it.  But, circumstances as they are, it's just not going to happen.  I would give up everything to be able to be that kind of a mom.  That kind of mom is the best kind of mom.  That's the kind of mom Heavenly Father wants me us to be.  I know not all moms can be the stay-at-home mom.  That doesn't make them less of a mom...that just makes it a little harder to fit everything in that a righteous mom wants to do.

I've found a blog recently about the Proclamation on the Family and how it can help us be a strong, better family.  I've been reading entry after entry about how people have applied the principles in the Proclamation to their lives and how much more blessed their families are.  I want to be that way.  I want even more happiness in our home.  I want a stronger relationship with my sweet husband.  I want us to feel our Savior's love in our home at all times.  I want it all.  And, I KNOW that by living righteously, we CAN have it all. 

I may never be able to have the #1 dream job on my list while here on earth, but at least I have the right intentions in my heart.  Someday, there will be a child in heaven for me.  Someday, I will be able to raise that child, and love that child, and teach that child.  And someday, I WILL have my dream job - the perfect dream job - the dream job that our Heavenly Father has created for each of us women - the only job that makes any difference.

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Casey Lu said...

I think the reason I never knew what I wanted to "BE WHEN I GROW UP" was because I knew there was something out there that I was suppose to be and I wasn't meant to know it until God thought it was right for me. Though it is a huge sacrifice to be a stay at home mom, I think it is the best thing for me. Thanks for sharing this, some days when I am depressed I forget this and what God has planned for us and that this is just a temporary home.
I know when God feels the time is right for will be THE BEST MOM EVER!!!! I love ya and hope ya know that!