Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Corn Dog, A Lemonade, and a Demolition Derby

About every other year, Melon Man and I go to the Arizona State Fair.  We never ride any of the rides.  We just go to the demolition derby, eat corn dogs, turkey legs, and onion rings, and look at the Ginzu knives.  We seriously love to just go for the food.  Yes, Pa V, it's another food entry.

On the way to the fair tonight, I just had to capture this picture of the GORGEOUS sunset that I saw in my side mirror.  Breathtaking is what it was!

We barely made it tonight in time for the demolition derby due to traffic around the fairgrounds.  We made it through the gates and practically had to run to the grandstand.  Our seats were at the far end of the grandstand so we couldn't see the action as well as we'd hoped, but here's a little bit of it...

A bunch of the cars in the "parking lot" getting ready for the derby to begin.  Some of the other cars were already out in the "pit" waiting for these folks to get there.

It was hard not to think of Jules and Brain when looking at some of these cars, considering how many times they have been in accidents or hit each other with their own cars.  (Please don't get upset Jules!)

Finally it was time for the derby to begin!  It was fun to watch the cars drive around and crash into each other - on purpose.  Every time one of them made a big hit, the crowd would roar.  There are 3 heats and then the finale.  This little video is of the finale - when EVERY car that is still able to run, gets to be part of the action.  They go until there is only one car left running.  So much fun!!!

After we finished at the derby, we went and got our corn dogs.  They are about 10 inches long.  This is about 1/2 of one...along with my $5 lemonade.  My corn dog was not crisp on the outside, so I was bummed.  Melon Man's, on the other hand, was very crisp.  I was quite jealous. 

Next, we mosied over to the exhibition hall and checked out the Ginzu knives, the waterless cookware (which I would have loved some!), and all the other "fair wares."  It was a little warm in there for me and I started sweating to death so we headed out of there a little faster than normal - much to Melon Man's dismay.  We walked around outside for a bit, checking out the people and sites.

It was soon time for some onion rings.  Big huge, fat onion rings.  Yum.  I wish I'd seen this place earlier.  They had italian sausages and nachos!

Check out the grin on Melon Man's face...he's thinking about those onion rings!  We actually got them from a different vendor though.  I think we were just sitting here resting in front of this one.

As the evening wore on, we began to make our way back toward the entrance gate so we could catch our bus back to where we'd parked.  I couldn't help but check out the turkey legs that looked and smelled so good.  I couldn't believe that at 10 p.m. at night, they were still cooking gobs and gobs of turkey legs.  I wanted to get one and take it home, but I didn't.

I was ready to go.  I think Melon Man was too.  It was just not a great environment to be in.  It always gives me the heebee-geebees going to the fair for some reason.  I love the food and the derby, but the people there sort of creep me out.  I try not to let it, but it kind of does.

We rode our bus back to the capitol building where there is free parking and transportation and we got in the truck and headed home.  It was a crashingly good evening with my Melon Man!

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE demolition derbies!