Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Joy that Cool Water Brings

We're going through a little bit of a heat spell lately - close to 100 degrees again each day.  However, this weekend we're supposed to head down into the 80s.  That will be really nice!  But, nicest of all was that when I was brushing my teeth this morning, the cool water lasted the whole time I was rinsing my mouth!  That is always my sign that fall is finally arriving here in the desert.  I'm so looking forward to being able to open my windows soon and let the wonderful breezes in.  It truly is one of my favorite times of the year!

Yesterday was a momentus day.  For 69 days, 33 miners have been trapped 1/2 a mile below the surface of the earth in Chile.  Today, all of them were rescued.  It was touching to see them come to the surface in a tiny capsule barely big enough for my leg to fit in.  The whole world watched as they were brought to the surface one-by-one.

Yesterday was also a sad day.  My Aunt Mary died.  She was like 90 years old or so.  I can't recall for sure and I can't look it up because my genealogy files are on a zip disk and my computer doesn't have a zip drive in it, so I need to find some place that can transfer all of my data on that disk to a jump drive for me.  Anyhow...she finally passed away.  Now Aunt Viola will be all alone.  They haven't been alone their entire lives.  Neither ever married so they just lived together their whole lives.  Dad feels a special concern for them so he was headed down there last night to be with Aunt Viola.  The funeral is on Saturday but Melon Man and I won't be going - too far for me to go alone through empty desolate land and it would require that I drive all day Friday and Sunday which would just be too much right now.  I'm sure Aunt Mary would understand and there will be TONS of others there - that side of the family is HUGE.

Still need to work on more of my vacation posts, just haven't had a chance.  Still cutting tons of vinyl from Super Saturday orders.  Still working quite a bit of hours - working on October forecast right now.  Will be glad when Tuesday is here next week - am finally taking a couple of days off!

One last thought for our last General Conference - about 10 days ago, President Monson announced 5 new temples.  One of them was for Hartford, Connecticut.  Today, I saw a news headline that said "Members in Connecticut excited about new temple; for the second time".  That was puzzling!  So, I read on.  Back in 1992, a temple was announced for the same area.  Then, shortly thereafter, the announcement was essentially rescinded.  “After working for years to acquire a suitable site in the Hartford area, during which time the Church has grown appreciably in areas to the north and south, we have determined that we will not at this time build a temple in the immediate area of Hartford.”  That was the announcement that was made 18 years ago.  Now, the announcement has been made that the Church again wants to build a temple there.  I thought about this in relation to our new temple in Phoenix and the wait we've had and the other problems we've endured.  Our temple was announced in May, 2008, two and a half years ago.  It seems like forever.  But compared to 18 years that the Saints in Connecticut have been waiting?  Not even.  What a joy for them!  I hope their build goes much more smoothly than ours has so far.  The church has redesigned ours now and has submitted it to the building and planning commission for approval.  They've held a special meeting with local residents.  Hopefully, we will have a groundbreaking soon!  We just need to remain faithful.

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