Saturday, February 19, 2011

Linda & Dave's Valentine's Party

Tonight was Linda and Desert Dweller Dave's Annual Valentine's Party.  Lisa, Craig, Auntie Sigie, Uncle Ward, and Melon Man and I headed over about 4 p.m. We knoshed on some appetizers and then had short ribs, salad, corn bread, and masked potatoes for dinner.
Everything was so cute and festive. Lots of hearts and red and pink. Doilies, confetti, candles, and napkin ribbons all had hearts or were hearts.  So fun!
They even made cute red paper hearts for us to wear like in the movie Julie & Julia! Dave used a cookie cutter and an exacto knife to cute them out.
We also got to celebrate my birthday with cherry chip cupcakes that were super darling and tasted wonderful, received very sweet gifts from everyone, and just had a wonderful night.
We ended up having to leave around 8:15 so Melon Man could get ready for work, but we'd had a lovely time!  We got home, MM changed into his work clothes, finished getting ready, and he was off to work.  I worked on the bulletin for church tomorrow and now I'm off to bed.


Cindy said...

So pretty!

Linda Lu said...

What a great job on the photos. Glad you had a good time!

Lisa Tucker said...

It was really fun! Love the cupcakes and dinner so so fun!! Linda you are a good cook!