Friday, February 18, 2011

My New Favorite Mexican Restaurant

Lisa and I went to the temple today after work.  We made it there for the 4 p.m. session.  It had been such a long time since I had been to the temple due to work, distance, etc. that I'd almost forgotten how wonderful it is.  It's so peaceful, quiet, and serene there.  I thought a lot about Taylor and what he's going through and I prayed to Heavenly Father while in the Celestial Room that Taylor would be able to get better and be with us for many, many more years.  I prayed for my whole family that the trials and burdens they are experiencing would ease.  And, I prayed for my whole family that the contentions between so many of us could be worked out and we could be a happy family again, so we could be there for each other during the rough times that will inevitably lie ahead of us.
After we were done at the temple, Lisa and I headed to Serrano's Mexican restaurant.  Oh My Goodnees.  Their machaca quesadilla is to die for.  The flavor...yum.  So good.  And their salsa...hook me up to an IV of it.  I ordered a quesadilla to take home to Melon Man and a bag of chips and salsa.  I don't think that salsa will make it very long in our house though...thank goodness I get it all to myself since Melon Man doesn't like salsa!  That quesadilla and their salsa beat Macayo's hands down.  Now...I just need to see what else they have that would beat my Baja Chimi from Macayo's!

I wish there was a Serrano's near us, but they are all in the far southeast valley.  I guess it will just help drive my desire to go to the temple more often!

We stopped at Bob and Gwen's house which is almost literally right behind Serrano's and visited with Gwen for about an hour, then headed home.  Loved, loved, loved her brick floors!

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Lisa Tucker said...

It was really good! I agree. I am craving it now!! Maybe we need to go soon again. I can taste there Machaca for sure!!