Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sometimes You Just Know

Today was a special day.  We finally were able to learn who our new bishopric is.  When I spoke with Bro. Cowden (Robbie) on Friday night, he let me know that Sacrament meeting would be as normal.  However, when we got to church today, it was obvious that the plan had changed.  The Stake Presidency was there.  And...Robbie's in-law family was there....and, his sweet wife was deep in thought.  I looked over at her, quietly called to her, and gave her that "knowing" smile.  She smiled back, as if to say, yes, you're right.  Soon, it was time for the meeting to start and everyone that needed to be on the stand was on the stand.  I looked up at Robbie and winked at him.  He knew I knew and his little grin just confirmed it.  After the Sacrament, the Stake President announced the changes.  Yes, Robbie Bro. Cowden was the new bishop.  I was so touched. 

I have known Robbie for about 15 years.  Both he, his wife, and I all worked at my current employer back then.  At that time, Robbie was on the IT team, Angela was on the phones, and I was doing some job other than phones.  Robbie would often come to fix something on my computer and I was just so impressed by him - his demeanor, his friendship, his sincerity.  He eventually chose to leave the company and eventually Angela did too.  It was a sad day for me.  I missed his friendship a lot.

As time progressed, I bought my house in Surprise.  I went to church and lo, and behold, who was in my ward?  Robbie and Angela!  I was so excited.  I hadn't known that Robbie was even a member.  As time went by, I learned that Robbie hadn't been a member, but had been dating Angela and she told him how important it was for her to marry a member in the temple.  He chose to investigate the church and later became a member - for himself, not for her.

About 2 years ago or so, we got a new counselor in the bishopric - it was Robbie.  I just knew it was going to be him.  At that time, I received a distinct impression that Robbie would eventually be Bishop too.  I told Angela about that thought.  I don't recall how she took it, but I remember also telling Robbie that too, eventually, and he doubted that would ever happen (and probably hoped it wouldn't either) ., it did.

I was so touched by his testimony.  He was so humble.  There is just something special about him.  I think he'll be a great bishop.

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