Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

It has been a lazy weekend.  I had grand plans to take Friday off so we could clean the office, but I ended up calling in ill on Monday so I didn't really feel like I could "afford" to take Friday off too.  I figured I'd just work on the office on Saturday instead.  Oh well.

Well, when Melon Man got home from work Saturday morning, we decided to go to The Coral for breakfast.  We hung out there for a while, enjoyed some good vittles, and then started to head home.  But then, Melon Man asked if we'd heard yet about our 300 gallon water barrel.  I called the store since we hadn't heard and they said they were in!  So, we headed on down to Chandler.  The barrel was just barely too long to fit in the bed of the truck with the gate closed, so it was a good thing we brought the cargo net.  It held the barrel and pallet in just right, along with keeping the gate almost all the way up.

While we were that far southeast, we decided to head to Gilbert and go to Rodworks.  It's a store from Utah with cute home decor stuff.  They just recently opened a store here in Arizona and I wondered if they might have something I would like for a nightstand.  So, we motored on over to Gilbert and stopped in.  Cute store, but no nightstand type goodies.  There were plenty of things I could have easily purchased, but the whole "do I really need this?" thing kicked in and we left emptyhanded.

It took us about 75 minutes to get home and it was SO HOT.  We didn't realize it at the time, but it was 118 degrees!  The whole day ended up being like that.  Yuck.  We got a dust storm toward the late afternoon, but no rain.  I worked on the bulletin for church and my lesson.  I also roasted a big piece of prime rib from our Christmas prime rib that we'd bought.  However, our meat thermometer wasn't working so I ended up overcooking it a litte bit.  Bummer!  It was such a huge piece of prime rib too!  Oh well, it still tasted pretty good.

I stayed up until about 1 a.m. working on my lesson and then all of a sudden I realized that it was Fast Sunday and I didn't have to teach!  Drat.  All that time spent...crud.  Still didn't get the office cleaned.  Oh well.

On Sunday, we got up, went to church, came home and ate more prime rib, and then napped some.  It was just a quiet Sunday afternoon and evening.  Didn't clean the office that day either.  Oh well.

This morning, Melon Man was up and gone by 6:15 a.m.  He was helping out with the ward Independence Day breakfast.  He offered to help haul all the stoves and other stuff over to the church since we have a truck and then to help cook.  He called and woke me up at 7:30 to see if I was coming.  I'd already told him no and I told him no again when he called, but then I decided I'd go anyway and support him.  So, I got up, threw on some clothes, washed my face, and headed over in the big red science experiment (Melon Man's Durango).  He was surprised to see me.  I took a few pictures of the guys and the scouts cooking up the grub and then headed inside where it was cool.  I knew that if Melon Man was getting overheated, I surely wouldn't last long at all out there too.

I left before the kids parade started and came home to finish cutting a bunch of vinyl.  Melon Man came home a while later and went straight to bed since he has to work tonight.  I had asked him to put up our new pool, but he said we didn't have a tarp big enough to go under it and so he'd need to buy a new one tomorrow.  Darn, I really wanted to swim/soak today.

After I was done with the vinyl, I came in and ate some lunch and promptly fell asleep on the sofa while watching Border Wars.  I slept for 3.5 hours!  I guess I was just tired.  So then, I got up, did some laundry, ordered a pizza, and lounged some more.  I really should have cleaned up the kitchen.  It is a catastrophe.  Or cleaned the office.  But, I just didn't.  There also wasn't anything good on tv.  I wanted to watch something patriotic, but there just wasn't anything on.  So, I put in the movie National Treasure and watched it.  Melon Man soon got up and got ready for work and left.

So, here I am, watching the Dukes of Hazzard and wide awake.  I need to go to bed - have to be at work early tomorrow.  I slept so long that I probably will just lay there if I go to bed now.  Drat.  Why do weekends have to be so short?  Even though there was an extra day, it just seems like it went by too fast.
I am grateful today though that it is Independence Day.  It always makes me grateful for the country that we live in, for the freedoms we enjoy.  And, I'm extremely grateful to those who gave their lives that we might remain free. 

Now...only 2 more months until another long holiday weekend!

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