Saturday, August 20, 2011

Breakfast, Errands, and Talent

We were up and out the door early this morning.  We went to breakfast at Denny's at Arrowhead.  We had a bunch of errands to run today and they were all in that area, so we decided to try somewhere different than our normal breakfast location.  I had this yummy blue drink to go along with my food. 
We finished breakfast and headed out.  We went looking for something to use as my nightstand and a table for the living room first.  We went to Razmataz.  Nothing.  We then went Lamps Plus to find a front porch light.  Found this one...
I liked it because it has an old-world look and it's also only 4 inches deep so it will let the screen door open all the way now!

After the lamp store, we headed to HomeGoods.  Melon Man found me a nightstand there!  I didn't take a picture though.  Oh well.  I'll have to do that....

We rushed home and I began making "5 minute bread" bread dough.  It was our ward talent night and they had asked for some "display" talents.  I decided I was going to make 5 minute bread.  I made 5 batches of dough!  I made 5 big loaves, about 20 four-inch rolls, and tons of bite sizers.  We made it there just as they were starting for the evening.  The evening was fun.  Melon Man ended getting called up onto stage to participate in an activity with two other High Priests.  It was quite fumny - he had a cup tied around his waist and there was a ball on a string hanging from it.  They had to swing their hips and legs and try to get the ball into the cup.  It was quite the sight.  He didn't win, but it was fun watching.

We came home and I finished up the bulletin for tomorrow, then worked on my lesson.  Time for bed.

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