Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Room Update

It seems that the only updates I've been posting lately are about the Scrapboffice.  Well, that's because that and work are about the only things that are going on.  Work has been really busy and so about the only thing I have time for in the off time IS the Scrapboffice.  I can do little bits here and there in the short amounts of time I may have.

So far, I have installed both the sewing machine and CPU cabinets, 3 of the 5 five drawer cabinets, and both small countertops.  Melon Man has put together all of the lower cabinets and one of the 9 drawer cabinets.  He still has another 9 drawer cabinet, the 1x5, and the two 2x4 units to do.  In order to put anymore countertops in right now, I have to unload one more cabinet and move it out of the room.  It's got all of my 8-1/2x11 cardstock in it.  That stuff will be going into the monster and. some of the monster stuff will be going into the 2x4s or 1x5.  The cabinet will be going into guestroom.  Once that cabinet is out of the scrapboffice, I can put in the final two lower cabinets and the rest of the countertops.  Then, I can put the upper units in and then just finish organizing everything.

Too bad, though, that I have been sick all weekend.  I haven't been able to accomplish anything else.  I think I either have bronchitis or bronchial pneumonia.  The hacking is horrible and when I breathe there is a horrible weazing sound on my left side.  I don't have pain, but I am just exhausted.  I slept until 11 on Sunday, then dozed off and on all afternoon and evening.  This morning, I had every intention of going to work, but my body did not agree and I've been home all day in bed or on the sofa.  My butt, hips, and back are all so sore from sitting or laying.  Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow and can go to work.  It's one thing to be off and be able to do things that need to be's another when all you can do is just lay around and do nothing.

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Cindy said...

Hope you feel better soon. The room is looking great. You are making some good progress.