Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Very Sick Me

You know that I'm REALLY sick when I don't go to work. But, you REALLY know that I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sick when I go to Urgent Care and don't go to work for three days. Considering the weekend, I've been sick now for five days. I have severe bronchitis. I've been running a fever for four days now. I've done breathing treatments, taken antibiotics, and am faithfully using an inhaler. It doesn't seem to be getting much better though. I lay on the sofa or in bed the whole time. I have no energy to do anything more than get up to go to the bathroom. I've hardly eaten anything since Sunday. I just don't have the energy to make anything and Melon Man is sleeping all day so he can't make it for me. I sleep off and on...until the coughing wakes me up. I hope things will improve soon. I can only imagine how much work is waiting for me, but there is just no way I could even handle going in right now.


lolly_mcgee said...

Sorry you are feeling so bad. I just got over mine. It seemed to take forever. Found eating lots of chicken noodle soup helped. Drinking warm drinks, broth helped alot. Whenever I drank something cold it made me feel worse. Wishing you get better real soon.Take Care. Love ya. Shelly

Cindy said...

Oh, not good, dearie. Take care of yourself. We had the dreaded gomboo too and it takes a while to get well. Be patient and give it the time it needs. Stay home more if your body needs too.

Get better soon.