Friday, February 3, 2012

Okay, So I Tried

I tried going into work today.  I got up, felt pretty good, took a shower, got out of the shower, felt like crap...but not like the crap I've been feeling like all week, so I still continued on in getting ready.  Bummer thing was though that I HAD to wash my hair today.  Laying on it since Tuesday meant it wasn't too pretty and with the fevers I've been having, it was all sweaty and stinky.  So, since I knew I wasn't quite up to "doing" it, it ended up being the curly, wavy look today.  Oh my...I had no idea how long my hair was getting until I flipped my head back up and saw the afro in the mirror.  Calm down, silly hair!  Okay, time for makeup.  Um yeah, not really happening today.  I put a little zit concealer on, some powder, and some mascara.  That was it.  Pretty plain Jane.  Got dressed - what, real clothes today?  Yep, a shirt, jeans, and sneakers.  That's all I could muster - but then, that's all I have to wear anyway since it's casual all the time at work now, so I was glad.

I headed off to work and of course, no close parking spot.  I just about turned around and went home at that moment.  Maybe I should have.  Probably.  Oh well.  I got out, started walking toward the building, and about 40 feet later I had to stop because I couldn't breathe.  It only continued from there.  I finally made it to my desk after stopping four or five times.  My co-worker was amazed to see me.  I was amazed myself.  We visited for a couple minutes catching up on a couple things and I got to work reading the 377 new emails I had.  About an hour into the day, the boss calls and gives me the "what the heck are you doing here, you sound awful, go home, you're not well yet, you shouldn't be here," blah, blah, blah speech and I agree to go home after a few more emails. Yeah, 2 hours later, I finally left.  (I've decided that work to me is like crack.  I'm addicted.  I can't stop.  I guess this illness this week was my wake-up call.  I've never been out a whole week because I was sick.)  Once again, I wheezed my way back out to where my truck was and headed home.  So that is where I am now - resting.

However, I wanted to post this video today.  On my way into work, the lady on the radio was talking about the upcoming Honda commercial with Matthew Broderick, aka Ferris Bueller, Bueller, Bueller, that will play during the StupidBowl this weekend.  She was saying that if it's well enough received, they may make another Ferris Bueller movie with Ferris as a 50 year old dad.  OH. MY. HECK.  When I thought about the possibilities of that  movie - I started coughing hysterically in honor of the laugh I was trying to hold back!  Love, love, love the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  Always have, always will.  Maybe I'll get off my hiney and go put it in to watch it.

Anyway, here is the commercial, in it's entirety.  Hope you think it's as funny as I did when I watched it! (link:


Cindy said...

Glad you went home! Rest up good, cousin. Be sure you are better before you go back.

Lisa Tucker said...

I too am glad you went home. I know you are on the mend. Rest rest rest!