Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prepping for Prom

It's amazing to me how the Lord works in our lives.  This week has been CA-RAY-ZY with this and that and that and this.  I wondered how I was going to get it all done.  And then, a good friend reminded me that I don't have to do everything myself and it's okay to ask for help.  So I did.  And I cannot tell you how helpful that one ask was!  It really just brought me back to life and helped me get back on the path of feeling like I can get most of the other things done that I needed to do.

Luckily last week I ordered the envelopes for the Prom and Pre-Prom invites.  They arrived this week.  The color - perfect.  The problem though...I'm short by 40 after all the counts are in.  So, amongst all the other things I had to do yesterday, I ended up going to a couple of places looking for more that were similar to what I'd already bought.  I was so excited when I found metallic silver at Michaels - the silver will work better than a non-metallic blue.  Yeah, guess I should have just gone with the blue - the silver ended up being notecards, not envelopes, when I opened them at home.  Drat.  Oh well...I'll just make another trip to Michaels tomorrow and get the blue.  It will be fine.

So this is what everything turned out like.  This is the poster.  The invite version has a little less wording on it.  I know Heavenly Father helped guide me in making these...I always get a special feeling when it's "just right".  Probably doesn't hurt that I always start off with a prayer before I start designing.  I just ask for His help in making it how He would want it.  He always comes through.
And this is the Pre-Prom invite.  After I got them back from the printer, I was bummed because I'd totally forgotten to change the font on this one to the art deco font.  Crap.  Oh well...too late now and I'm sure hardly any of the kids will notice.  Actually, kids nowadays probably will notice.  It's the old fogey adults that probably won't!
I got all the posters and invites printed, invites stuffed and sealed, and the posters mounted.  We had a prom meeting with the youth committee tonight and they are excited about all the ideas and such.  They liked the invites and posters, so that was good. to redesign the blog to fit the new theme, etc. and to design the actual tickets.  Good times.  Love doing creative stuff!


Cindy said...

This old fogey didn't even notice. haha! It all looks amazing.

Linda Lu said...

You are amazing!