Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday Follow Up

I was supposed to go out to lunch with Lisa and Linda today to celebrate my birthday from last week.  However, Auntie was a little unhappy that things were planned to go down the way they were so she put her foot down and told them we had to change the plan.  That actually worked better for me too in that I really needed all the time at work possible today.  So, I think we'll be getting together this coming Sunday for a birthday dinner.

Tonight Melon Man and I went to Macayo's for dinner as a little post-Valentine's/birthday dinner.  It reminded me why we don't go there anymore.  It's just not good like it used to be and I had heartburn before we even left the restaurant.

I wanted to follow up, too, and mention that I previously failed to mention that Cindy also texted me on my birthday (which I've now gone back and updated that entry) and that my best friend, Shelli, texted me, too, the following day.  I was not hurt at all that it was the next day - I always know she will remember me - and just figured something was up...which I found out through further texts is true.  She is super busy working two jobs right now so it meant a lot to me.  I feel for/with her - she's working a full time job and a part time one and being a mom too - but she and her husband are working on getting out of debt - such an admirable goal - and so she was super tired when she got home that night.  I completely understand.  Keep going will all be worth it when it's done!  I was going to blog about this that day, but life got away from me this past week and it just never happened.  Love you and am proud of you!  (Please don't be upset with me that I didn't mention your text in the first entry. - I had full intent to write a separate entry for the next day.)

I also wanted to say thanks to Mom and Pop V for the beautiful card and to Dad H for the letter and gift.  They both meant a lot to me.

Worked on more stuff for Prom and stuff for this week's Mutual activity this evening after we came home and now I'm going to bed.  I'm beat.  Gotta go take some Tums though so I don't have heartburn while I sleep.  Getting old sucks...


Cindy said...

Yep. We are finding that getting old does indeed 'suck'. Aches, stiffness, heartburn. Haha!

Jason said...

Well, I did text you on your birthday...I texted as soon as I got home for work that night. I guess you didn't see it until the following day. At least you got the text, and that's what's important.