Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dad's Pictures

A few years ago, I was looking at some pictures with my dad and we came across some that I wanted to get copies of.  I held on to these pictures for years, never actually getting the copies made.  Time gets away from us, you know....

Anyhow, I came across them a year or two ago and put them in a place where I would remember where they were when the time came that Dad asked for them back again, as he had twice already.  So...with the time quickly approaching that we would be heading to Utah for Scooter's baptism, he called last week and asked about them again.  So, today, Dolly and I got them out (see, I remembered right where they were) and we took pictures of them.  Now, the originals are all safely laid on the table waiting to be packed with the rest of our things for the trip to Utah.

Here are the pictures...
My dad in the truck he eventually built
My dad's dad, my grandpa, Earl
Again, Grandpa Earl - I think this was his uniform from WWII
This is my dad's mom, Grandma Ella Kristine
Grandma Ella Kristine again
And Grandma one more time.  Dad and his sisters sure do look like her!
Dad, in the back, and his brother, John, in the front.  I think this is one of the few times Uncle John was actually shorter than Dad.
Uncle John and Dad again.  Love the overalls and the too large hats...
Dad, Aunt Katherine, and Uncle John
Not sure which one is Uncle John and which one is Dad!  Aunt Pearl and Aunt Katherine
Aunt Katherine and Aunt Pearl

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