Friday, July 27, 2012

She's Here!

I can't believe today is finally here!  I've been so excited for Dolly to arrive!  I raced to the airport and ended up having to stand in line for a bit to get an escort pass.  Luckily, it didn't take too long - maybe 15 minutes.  Then, I made it to the gate and texted Ang to let her know I was able to get through.  This was her reply...
So, I hung out for about 30 minutes waiting for her plane to arrive.  Gate C8.  Tucked in the corner.
If you've ever been in the Phoenix airport, have you ever noticed the carpet?  Yep, those are planes on it.  Pretty nifty, eh?
I stood and watched the planes for a bit.  This picture was quite the little scary situation to me.  On the ground was a plane beginning to taxi down the runway.  In the air was another plane coming in for a landing. Um, really?  Well, come to find out, there are two I will just go with the notion that they were each on different ones...yeah, that sounds good.
But was like airplane chaos all over the tarmac.  Planes coming and going.  I mean, really.  Look!  There are 4 planes all driving along right around each other.  I hope they used their blinker.  If not, I'm sure one of them used their finger!  That is mayhem!  That is just way too close for comfort for me!  I'm glad Dolly's plane wasn't one of them!
 She was supposed to arrive at 7:00 p.m.  
 Still no plane.  Can ya tell I'm antsy?
 7:02 p.m.  Come on, people!  Where is that plane?!?!
 Okay, it's 7:03 p.m. now.  Really, where is she?!?!

So, see...I wasn't crazy!  At 6:54 I sent her a text because they'd said she'd landed.  At 7:03 she let me know she was on the ground.  Oh good...Mom and I can both breathe now!
Finally!  Her plane is at the gate!
Why is it that when our family flies, we always get stuck in the back and those waiting have to wait forever?  It was no different with her.  She was practically the last one off.  Sorry for the blurry pics; it was hard getting them to even take for some reason.

There she is!  Yay!!  Finally!
So, once we got to the car, we headed off toward home, but not before stopping at the Olive Garden, since I found out she loves alfredo.  She ate a breadstick and maybe three bites of her dinner.  I guess it was just really late for her.

We made it home, got ready for bed, and settled in.  Since I didn't ever get the guest room done before she got here, she just slept with me since Melon Man was at work.  We'll work on the guest room tomorrow.  We laid there and talked - just like when she was little and was here for Thanksgiving - and we played Wheel of Fortune on the iPad.  So much fun.  I can't believe she's here and how grown up she is!

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Angela said...

I loved reading this post. She had so much fun! :)