Thursday, July 12, 2012

Parasitic Twin or Plain Ol' Cyst?

Anyone who knows Melon Man knows that he comes with a big ol' bump on his head.  It's like a special nubbin that you rub for good luck.  The kids in church go honk, honk when they reach up there and push it...just kidding. does cause questions and stares.  We've not really thought much about it all these 7 years...other than just pushing on it, once sticking a corsage pin into it to see if it would pop like a zit (which it didn't), and the like.  However, recently it has seemed that it was getting bigger.  So, I FINALLY got Melon Man to go see a doctor about it.

After having a battery of pre-op tests such as an EKG and the like, Melon Man went in for surgery on the morning of July 2nd.  He actually got put under rather than just using a local.  I waited in the waiting room and after less than an hour, he was out of recovery.  Here are a few shots from the event.  He's now had the stitches removed and unfortunately, the skin popped open so now we're pretty sure he's going to have a scar.  Oh well, at least it won't be the ginormous nubbin he's hauled around for 30 or 40 years.

Oh...and we're still waiting to hear back on what it was...parasitic twin or plain ol' cyst...we'll let y'all know when we do!
The culprit.  The nubbin.  Honk, honk, beep, beep!

Nurse Marcia verifying she's got the right dude.  Nubbin sticking straight out on top.  "Pick me, pick me!"

Lockin' him down and making sure they operate on the right guy.

He just HAD to have me take this picture for Aubie.  Of course...this is a clean blog, so I had to censor it!

Ooooooh.  This is going on the blog?

I'm too sexy in this get up!

Checking to make sure all is good to go.

Just to be sure they don't cut in the wrong area!


Cindy said...

I've never noticed it. Glad he got it out. Keep us up to date on the results.

Jennifer said...

Gotta say "GROSS" to most of these pictures! It is much bigger than I remember. Glad he got it looked at and is healing up.

Lisa Tucker said...

It did get alot bigger. I too am glad it is gone. Love the censered picture.