Friday, July 13, 2012

Home From Another Trip

Went to Ohio this week for a meeting.  Left Tuesday, came home Friday.  Meeting lasted less than 5 hours.  Wasn't meant to.  Just did.  Oh well.  It happens.  Was supposed to leave again this coming Monday to go to Chicago.  Cancelled.  Not the reason for the trip, just the trip.  Have to stay back and do some things that came out of the meeting in Ohio.  Fine with me.  Glad to be home with Melon Man, Dog, and Little Dog again.

Weather in Ohio was quite humid and warm - low 90s.  Not horrible though.  It was actually worse when I came back to Phoenix!  It was raining here and really humid.  Although it was only 78* when Melon Man picked me up, the amount of humidity made it almost unbearable.  I didn't realize how DRY it is here versus everywhere else until I came out into that jacuzzi like sauna.

Not really a whole lot else going on around here other than work stuff....OH! Except...that Dolly is coming for a visit in a few weeks!!  She is doing her first plane flight all alone to get here and then will ride back to Utah with us when we go for Scooter's baptism.  I am so excited!  I've never had one of my nieces or nephews come on their own to spend time with us.  I can barely wait!  When I asked her the other day what she wanted to do while she was here, the first thing out of her mouth was "go get our nails done!"  What a girly girl!  We, along with Uncle Melon Man, are going to the Mesa temple to do a few baptisms that we've asked her to do for us.  I'm really excited to do that.  How cool will that be in the House of the Lord with my oldest niece doing temple work for our ancestors?  I'm really excited to share that experience with her.  We only have four names for her to do, but I'm hoping she and I will be able to find more before we go to the temple.  We're going to spend Sunday doing family history research after church.

I guess that's all the news for now, so, I best get off the computer and get working on this disaster area and turn it into a beautiful guest room over the next two weeks!  Mattress store, here we come!

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