Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Not YOUR Stuff, It's OURS!

What gives people the right to take other people's stuff?  NOTHING.

What gives people the right to destroy other people's stuff?  NOTHING.

What gives people the right to do all of this and then MAKE the other people have to pay for these things AGAIN?  NOTHING.

What gives people the right to take away other people's sense of security?  NOTHING.

Yet, this is exactly what someone did to us last night.  They came to our home, while we were sleeping, destroyed our garage door, came into our garage, and stole things that don't belong to them.  They took away my sense of fearlessness.  They caused me to be a victim - again.

I won't go into all the details of how it was done or what was taken - just because this is a public blog - but if you want to know how to protect yourself from this happening to you, give me a call.  Both the cops and the garage door people said they have never seen before what happened to us, so apparently it's a new way of getting in.

It's not that I feel "violated", although, I do, but moreso it's the fact that when I was young, my family was quite poor.  We didn't have a lot.  My parents both HAD to work - and that was 30+ years ago.  My dad sometimes worked three jobs to make ends meet.  I didn't want to be like that when I grew up, so I've worked hard at getting a good education and I've worked hard to get a good job.  Melon Man too.  So, why on earth does someone feel like they are "entitled" to come into our personal space and take our things that we've worked hard for?  I don't know.  It really makes me mad.

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