Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ari's Baptism

Seriously, where on earth has the last 8 years gone?  This little fireball was only 5 months old when my mom died.  Now, she's 8 and she got baptized today.  These are some of the pictures I took of her when we were in Utah for Scooter's baptism back in August.

This little white dress is the dress my mom made for me to wear to be baptized in.  My sisters have all worn in too.  I don't know if Dolly wore it or not, but now it was Daffodil's turn and hopefully some day, Frog will get to wear it too.

Here she is...almost ready for the big moment!
Her mom had a friend make these "baptism shoes" for her.
Daffodil and Papa Joe
Dad, Mom, and Daffodil before the service started.
It was such a special day.  She was so happy and sweet.  There was a lovely brunch afterward and it was so enjoyable just spending like 6 hours with my family talking around the table.  So proud of you, Daffodil!

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