Friday, January 4, 2013

It is Flippin' Cold Here!

We just arrived in Utah for Ari's baptism and it is flippin' cold here!  When we got on the plane, the pilot told us we were destined for a balmy 12 degrees.  Brrr....!  Then, in the 80 minutes it took to get here, it warmed up a whole 2 degrees!  And...guess who doesn't own a!  I brought a jacket, but it's not all that warm.  Luckily, I brought my Mackinac Mittens too.  That has saved me.

Dad took Melon Man and me to The Coral for dinner when we got there.  It was similar to ours here, but they had some different options too.  We ate early and then headed to the hotel.  We had everyone who wanted to swim come over to the hotel.  It ended up being all the boys.  It was so fun watching all the kids play together in the water.  I really wanted to get in, but I was too tired and Melon Man was up in the room sleeping because he hadn't been to bed yet all day.

Man, I love these kids.  I miss seeing them.  I miss watching them grow up.  It seems like every time we see them, they've magically grown or matured.  I can't believe Tato Bug will soon be leaving on his mission.  The time will be here before we know it.

These pics aren't the best but they show the fun the boys were having and that's what matters.

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