Saturday, April 13, 2013

Prom is Here!

Tonight was LDS Prom 2013.  It turned out spectacular.  It will be my last least for a very long time.  No details to share as to why.  Here are pictures though...and in no particular order!

The kids were not all that happy when they found out it would be at the church instead of some exotic place but we heard from more than one or two kids as they walked through the doors...."Wow!  This doesn't even look like the church!"  That made it all worth it!

I made these Eiffel Tower table centerpieces.  I even had one on my table in the foyer.  It was made from black poster board and I cut it on my Silhouette.  Then, after I assembled them, I sprayed glitter spray on them to make them glisten.  They were awesome!
These are the ladies on the prom committee.  A pretty great bunch of gals...
There was a guy at the Prom who agreed to come paint paintings for the kids.  I loved these.  He painted them in clothes that resembled what they were wearing.  Pretty cool!

These were the tickets for the Prom.  I made each and every one of them.  When the kids came through the front doors, they "checked in" at the "desk" and we took the rip off portion of their boarding passes...just like it used to be on real flights.  Notice the seat numbers...First Class, all the way!

The big hit of the night were the restrooms.  The girls were even taking the boys on tours of the girls restroom (making sure nobody was actually using the restroom first!) because it was so decked out...compared to the boys'...although theirs DID have decor as well!

This was the more simple decor in the boys' restroom.  Note to committee for next year...deck out the boys restroom equally to the girls'.  The boys were a little jealous of the extra attention given to the girls' restroom!

This was a little "take away" for each attendee...a cute little box with chocolates and business cards inside and an Eiffel Tower key chain on the outside.  I even got one and the keychain hangs in my car from the rear view mirror.

Each couple received a ticket for a free fresh flower from the flower cart.

These ladies were mimes...obviously...but they were great chaperones and the kids really liked them.

I caught this pic of a ton of shoes in a pile.  I loved it and just had to capture it.
The night was lovely...except a couple of small things that happened, that aren't worth recording or giving attention to.  It's amazing how it took so many hours to set everything up and then in a matter of an hour and a half, it was all taken down and the church was ready for Sunday services.  The kids ended up being perfectly happy with it being at the church and it was a great Prom to end my Prom career with!

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