Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Best Friends are the Best!

Today is my best friend Shelli's birthday. I called her about 8:45 her time to chat. We talked for over an hour and it totally must have been what I needed. Today was another difficult day for me emotionally along with a hard day home-wise. Clint called me when he got home from work and told me we had no water. He called the water company to find out why and they proceeded to tell us we hadn't made a payment since August. I just couldn't believe that that was true! So, I pulled it up on the computer and sure enough, they were right! September had had a credit balance and somehow I missed the October bill. But, the worst part was that they didn't even call before turning it off. I called them back and made the payment right away, but it's too late now....we have no water until they come back tomorrow and turn it back on. What a waste of their resources. I guess that's why they charge me $35 to turn it back on. But...for just a lousy $0.06 they could have put my phone number in a dialer and called and told me it was late and I would have gladly paid it right away. Now, I have to work at home tomorrow until they decide to show up - whenever that may be.

Anyhow, I was talking to Shelli and sharing my woes when she shared some of hers with me. After that, I didn't feel as bad and it was great to share our thoughts and feelings to try to help make things better for each other. I'm really happy for her...she is expecting another baby boy in January. Things are going well with little Joshua.

I hope all is going well with you. Thank you for your comments and love in helping me deal with the tough times I've had recently. It's nice to have cousins and sisters and such that care.

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Cindy said...

OMGosh! We had that happen once. In our Westminster house. We got home from a camping vacation late at night. Got up the next morning and started unpacking and doing laundry. Duff showered and went to work. I went to change the load over to the dryer and put another in, and nothing. I thought the washer was broken and called a repairman. Then went to get in the shower and no water! Called and they had turned it off. Came right to my front yard and turned it off with me in the house. No warning or notice! I had to take all my dirty children and my stinky self to the water dept., pay the bill, and they still wouldn't turn it back on until after 5pm. So humiliating.