Monday, November 19, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Today was a sweet day. No one particular reason - just a lovely day. The temperature was around 80-85 (still too warm for me for November, but oh well). Clint was able to go with me to church again today - that's the 6th time in 7 weeks! He has to work next Sunday, but hopefully will be back to having more Sundays off after that. It's so nice to have him there sitting next to me. I miss that incredibly when he's at work.

After church, we met Lisa half way between our house and hers to give her the albums she's taking to Utah for the girls to do on Thanksgiving. She called me later and let me know we'd forgotten one for Natalie. Sorry Nats! Anyhow, luckily I already have the chipboard cut so all I have to do is pick out paper, cut it, then match ribbon. I'll then drop it off for Josh and Mere to pick up before they head out to Utah on Wed. The albums are going to be SO DANG CUTE! I wish I could be there to see all of them. I wish I'd kept track of which papers I used so I could make some just like them! I especially loved Mere's. It totally is my style and I'd love to do one like it. Luckily, she lives here so I can check it out to pick the papers out again for mine!

Anyhow, it was hard saying goodbye to Lisa as we parted in the Best Buy parking lot. It's so weird that this year I will be home all alone on Thanksgiving Day. C has to work until 6 that day but I'm still going to make a turkey and a small amount of the trimmings. I'll still set the table all fancy and everything. It will just be weird with just the two of us. Maybe I'll take the leaf out of the table so it won't seem so big and empty!

I made tacos for dinner - YUM - as usual. I found these awesome white corn tortillas a while back at Fry's that are just so good. The brand was Buena Comida. I've looked and looked recently for them and come to find out, they don't make that brand anymore. They apparently are part of the Mission brand now as is Guerrero brand. The Mission brand white corn tortillas are too thin for my liking. They also taste like they have preservatives in them compared to the Guerrero brand. The G brand tortillas are also just a bit thicker so they really take a hair longer to fry, but they are GOOOOOOOOOD. The crunch is YUM. Speaking of tacos, I have developed this taste for Clint's version of the family taco. Isn't is amazing how we all make our tacos the same, but we all top them differently? My version used to be....meat (already inside), taco sauce on the meat, then tomatoes, then ranch dressing, then cheese, then lettuce. Well, lately, I am totally into Clint's version: meat (already inside), sour cream, onion, cheese, salt lightly sprinkled on the shells. Can I just say YUM? I'm sure there will be times when I want my normal version, but right now I am totally into tacos this way!

Our home teachers came this afternoon for their visit. It's so nice to have HTs again! My new VT also called to make an appt for this week. That reminded me that I still haven't done that with my new VTees. Hmmm....wonder when I will do that?!?! I'm going to try to call tomorrow! Otherwise, I'll be ending up calling at the last minute and that is SO embarassing!

I think I found the song I want to play for Christmas Eve. I hope I can do it though. It's kind of hard. It's a medley of Silent Night and Still, Still, Still. I need to get the piano tuned though. It's got F and C sharps in it and my upper C# is completely flat right now. It's sounds like a piano in a saloon when you play it! We had the piano tuned two years ago - right after we got it - and the man who did it was AWESOME! He did the entire tuning by ear. I could NOT believe the difference in the sound after he was done. This piano is now 76 years old and so I'm really surprised that it has held the sound as well as it has for the last two years. It needs some other work on it too, but that will have to wait.

See....nothing major happened today. It was just a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

I just love your blog, Kristin. And, yeah do your vting!!! (wink, wink!)