Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vinyl, Oh Lovely Vinyl!

I'm so excited! Yesterday, I bought a professional vinyl cutter! I've been wanting one for a long time and I finally found one that was affordable but still a decent size. I bought it and also 5 colors of vinyl - black, white, barn red, tan, and cream. I can't wait to get it set up and start using it. I swear, I need a bigger house though! I've taken over the old inventory room as my scrapbook studio and the office is just a big catch all right now. I need to clean it up and maybe I can find a spot for the cutter in there. Essentially, it needs to be near the computer anyway as it's used with the computer. The graphic to the left is one that I really like and can be cut out with the cutter. I don't know that I'd do it in blue as shown, but it certainly would look great in black anyhow. If you know of anyone that wants some vinyl quotes or lettering cut out, give them my name and number. I'll be glad to work with them. I don't plan on doing a website or anything like that - just personal referrals and craft projects. I know vinyl lettering was all the rage in Utah for a while, but it's really only starting to catch on here in Arizona. I think it looks fantastic!

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Cindy said...

Is it the Cricut? I saw that on a commercial when we were in Utah and it looked great. Did you see the tile I did for the Tuckers for Christmas? It is also a quote by President Hinckley.