Monday, February 18, 2008

Neighborhood Busy Body

Okay, so we live in a HOA and there are rules to be followed. However, if my recycle can isn't put away by the morning after recycle day, this little wretched woman named Jeanne Stockard reports me for keeping my can out on the street. My heck, woman, don't you have anything better to do? Have you seen my yard? It's well kept. It's mowed consistently. There aren't dead plants around. And...I don't have weeds like everyone else. Yet, my recycle can is out on Wednesday morning. Geez. Go ahead, report me. Never mind that my next door neighbor's house looks like it's going to pot along with probably 8 other houses just down my street, not to say anything about the other houses in the neighborhood that are actually worse than those!

I wonder what your yard looks like lady...if you've got such a problem with my can being out on Wednesday morning, rather than reporting me, why don't you just be a nice person and go pull it up to the side of my house where it's not noticeable from the street and I'll put it away when I get home. That would be the more neighborly thing to do rather than to spend your time writing down my address and reporting me, wasting my HOA dues on letters and postage. Plus, it would make the world a more friendly place. Crap just dragged my down day and ticked me off!


Jennifer said...

Were you a LITTLE peeved when you last posted? Perhaps you should have read the 1st caption of your blog today. LOL

Cindy said...

Oh MY! Glad you got that off your chest! How about shish-kabobs or salisbury steak, or roast chicken?