Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

I have been so tired today. I could barely keep my eyes open throughout church. I felt bad falling asleep, but I fought it as best as I could and kept losing. I came home, started to do some stuff on my blog, and fell asleep sitting here at the computer...for 3 and a half hours! Head bob up, head fling back! Even the dog just let me sleep. I would have been better off going and laying down, but I would probably be asleep still! Obviously, since I fell asleep in church off and on, I missed out on feeling the Spirit today and don't have much to report.

Be sure to check out the blog posts below though...this week is finally all updated.

My foot is still hurting...I think I have plantar fasciaitis (sp?). It hurts on the bottom of my foot where my muscle spans from the front to back when I walk. I keep trying to "pop" my muscle, but it only relieves the pain for a few seconds. I'll probably end up going to the doctor this week.

Put a pork shoulder roast in the crocker today and it smells so good. Hopefully, we'll have it for a late dinner when C gets home from work.

Gotta get the activity plans finished for HFPE and off to the RSP. Later!

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