Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Special Saturday

Let's see...this week has been really busy. Holly came over for her final fitting for the dress. It's going to look very pretty on her. It will be nice that it finally has made it to the temple since it didn't go there the first time it was worn. Oh well.

Found out Dad has Shingles. On Easter, he was too sick to even go with Julie for dinner. Jennifer went up to check on him and she immediately took him to Urgent Care. She ended up having him move in with her this week while she takes care of him. His sight wasn't acting correctly so she took him to the eye doctor and he's got shingles on his eyes too. He better not lose his sight or that will be the death of him. I really feel that. I'm so grateful that she is there to take care of him. I feel it is my responsibility as the oldest child, but I am so far away that it's impossible.

Went to the gynocologist this week because I've been having my period for 8 weeks now. Can you say "Yuck!"? Seriously, I am so sick of it. I had an ultrasound and the thickness of my uterine lining was just right so she thinks it more hormonal. I have to make a decision as to whether or not I want to try to have children before she can go further with any treatment. I broke down and cried and told her I've given up on trying after 20+ years. She did some blood work so now it's wait and see what comes from that.

Clint is still trying to get his Durango fixed from the accident he was in. Can we just say that USAA is NOT the easiest to work with? Because there was no police report filled out (per the police officer!), USAA would not log an accident against their client until she called in. C finally got ahold of her and we are soon to be on our way in getting it fixed. Yeah!

Jenn told me this year that Lisa and Ric called CPS on Christina. Who knows where this will go from here. By the time we get him, if we do, he'll probably be 16. Right now, I don't even get my hopes up anymore.

Went to a RS Presidency meeting to discuss the HFPE activities for the remainder of the year. Have some good ones on the list, now just need to get my committee in place. Have submitted 5 names...just waiting to hear back.

Today was Holly and Alfredo's sealing. Lisa went with me since Clint had to work. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced - seeing their four children walk into the sealing room all dressed in white and then to be sealed together for eternity. What a powerful, moving experience! A while back I wrote about the funeral of the dad of one of my employees. If only she could know, understand, and believe in this wonderful experience! She would not feel the grief that she does.

While we were in the temple, I started to not feel very well. After the ceremony, Lisa and I went to Chili's for dinner. I kept feeling worse and worse. By the time we made it back to her house to pick up my truck, I thought I was going to die. I just don't need this right now.

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