Saturday, March 22, 2008

Who Turned on the Furnace?

So yesterday as I was driving home from work, I noticed it was a LOT warmer than usual! Who turned on the furnace?!?! Maybe that is why there are green trees EVERYWHERE! It's like all of a sudden, the little green leaves just popped out and the trees are all green now. I look forward to this realization and activity every year with excitement, but also dread. I get excited because, finally, it is green again here in this barren, desolate, earthscape. I dread it, though, because it means that the heat of the summer (110-120 degrees EVERY DAY for MONTHS) will be here sooner than I'd like and I'll have to turn the A/C on as well.

Today was our ward luau. It was nice-ish. It was really hot outside, which is where it was held. There wasn't a lot of shade at 4 pm so a lot of people had to sit out in the sun. Some members had roasted a pig in their backyard the night before so we got to eat that. I made my yummy Hawaiian coleslaw and it was entirely gone...and there was A LOT! After we ate, we went inside to the cultural hall and there was a group of Polynesian dancers that performed for us. It was entirely fun to watch them. (Pics on my new camera which I STILL cannot download for fear of crashing my PC). After they were finished dancing, we went outside for the final dance - the fire dance. It was awesome. Then everyone had dessert. I had to go by myself because C had to work again, but Casey was there and so we visited. I wish I had more friends in the ward. It would make things like this much more fun.

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