Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dropping in to Say Hello

Haven't had a spare moment to blog lately. Had my whole next 3 weeks planned out and then got really sick. Still not feeling up to par. Even dropped in at the urgent care this afternoon on my way home from work but was too full of crying, sick kids and I just couldn't bare to sit there so I came home and doped up on Robitussin CF. Worked on our taxes and am almost finished except the business stuff. Man, do I wish I had kept up on all that bookkeeping stuff I needed to do as the months rolled along! Thank goodness I only have to do back work for 7 months of last year!

Lots to update still below, but just wanted to quickly change the layout for the month, say hi and say I'm still alive - just trying to breathe (literally) and keep my head above water until about 4/20 when I should be back on track. Will try to pop in once in a while. Keep makin' all your blogs cute...for now, mine will just have to suffice with the normal freebie templates that make it easy and quick!

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Cindy said...

Hello to you too. Hope you get well soon! That is nasty stuff. Don't worry about your blog--I love it just the way it is and I think it reflects you in a great way. You are a very organized and straightforward lady! Good qualities.