Friday, April 11, 2008

(Need) Time to Catch Up!

Oh my's been so long since I really posted! I'm still super sick and really busy but need to find some time to catch up. For now...some bullets to help me remember some more things to write about when I get a couple of hours.... (Update - 4/27 - actually, I've started writing about each item now...)
  1. Urgent care woes - So, I was so sick that I finally stopped in to UC on my way home from work on Thursday as noted in a previous entry, but ended up leaving immediately. Well, over the weekend, I got even sicker. I emailed my boss that I would not be in on Monday and was definitely going to Urgent Care as soon as it opened. Well, I finally got there about 10 a.m. and there was one person in front of me, along with about 5 other normal patients. I will NEVER go to this location again. I sat there for over 2 hours before I was seen. Apparently, their normal patients get seen first if it's before noon and if they can squeeze you in, they do. If it's after noon, another doctor arrives and takes care of the UC patients. Ah, WRONG! I should have been seen right away considering I was there as someone needing URGENT care! But no, that old geezer needing a blood draw got seen first. Anyhow, they found out I have a respiratory infection and an ear infection. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics and cough syrup and I was on my way. After a fiasco getting my meds, I went home and zonked out. Ended up not going in on Tuesday either. Just felt to weak and tired and sick!

  2. HFPE - Had HFPE as scheduled, even though I was super sick. Thanks a billion, trillion, gazillion bunches to Casey! Without her help, I would have never pulled it off. It turned out so darling! Check out these cute cupcakes and cookie centerpieces! It was all about being Princesses - Daughters of a King. Every sister got a tiara to wear. We started off with a little get to know you game and then ate dinner. Thanks to Jen for the FABULOUS sandwich recipe as the salad recipe as well. The whole meal was scrumptious! I wish I would have taken pictures of it. We had a great program where we talked of the need for RS and what it has meant to many of the sisters. We ended with Emily McGinnis singing Daughter of a King. She was so filled with emotion that she couldn't sing a lot of it. I wish I could have sung that night, because I would have gone up and sung with her. All of the sisters were asking for the recipes afterward so I sent them out via email. I so hope that by doing so, the sisters that weren't there will want to come to future HFPEs. I think I might start a HFPE blog to just keep the ladies updated with what's coming up and what the nights ended like.

  3. Casey Lu - Oh my gosh, what can I saw about Miss Casey? She is so awesome! I appreciate all she has done to help me. I can't wait until she is officially on the committee. She has great ideas and is such a help. Thank you sista!

  4. Shower Door - Still have not finished installing the shower door from where Dad left off. Jenn and the boys will be here tomorrow and they're going to have to shower in my bathroom. That will not be fun with 5 people! I've got to get that finished. Dang, why do I have to be sick and have NO energy to do anything?

  5. Jenn will be here tomorrow - I am so excited for Jenn and the boys to arrive! It feels like it's been forever since we saw each other. Clint and I have some fun things planned for while they're here. We hope they enjoy their time with us. We plan on going out to San Diego for a couple of days while they're here so we can all enjoy the beach. Anytime that someone from either my family or C's calls, he always invites them to come on down and "we'll go to San Diego and go to the beach." I always ask him why on earth they would drive all this way to see us and then get back in the car and go 6 more hours each way. He always says it's just something to do. I bet it will be fun to be over there with them, but I bet he'll rethink all that driving the next time!

  6. Dad - Dad's shingles are still giving him a hard time. Luckily, they seem to be improving on his eyes and he was cleared to drive finally. That will be good because he starts working at the temple once a week while Jenn is here and he will need to be able to drive there.

  7. Sick, sick, sick - I am STILL SICK. It has been two weeks and really, no improvement. That's all there is to say about that.

  8. Lisa - She has been so wonderful - checking up on me constantly to make sure I'm okay. She calls me once or twice a day. I'm really grateful because even though about 30 people in the ward know I'm really sick, not one has called on me to see how I'm doing.

  9. Dog - What a cute dog I have. It is really strange...he totally knows when I'm ill. He just lays on the floor near me and is quiet. He doesn't demand any attention. He just lays there as a comfort to me. Love ya Koda!

  10. Toilet paper - What is it about men that they cannot put the toilet paper on the roller? It takes like 2 seconds. Geez.

  11. Surprise tickets - So I was so excited to be able to get 4 seats to the AZ Diamondbacks vs. the San Diego Padres for while Jen and the boys are here. I thought Clint would be working that day so four was going to be just fine. However, I totally forgot that he was off so he'll just have to take the boys and Jen and I will stay home and have girl/sister time!

  12. San Diego - We can't wait to go! We plan on taking Jen and the boys to Fillippi's Pizza Grotto for dinner in Pacific Beach, Armando's Green Flash ON Pacific Beach, and who knows where else...oh, yeah, the bead store! It's going to be so much fun!

  13. Super Suppers - I'm thinking of trying out one of those Super Suppers, My Girlfriend's Kitchen, Dream Dinners places. They seem kind of pricey though. But, if I can get 2 meals out of one $10 entree, then it's still far cheaper than the $40-50 we spend everytime we go out!

  14. Christmas Tree - Still haven't taken it down. I'm about ready to just keep it up the whole year!

  15. Going back to school - I've decided to finally go back to school again. Well, not to get my Masters, but just to take a digi photography class. I'm so excited! Maybe I'll actually learn how to run this fancy pants camera I have!

  16. External Hard Drive - I desperately need one. This computer is getting SO slow. Asked the ex for advice on some good recommendations. Will have to see what happens and watch for a good sale.

I think that's about it for today. Did I forget anything?

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Cindy said...

Sheesh girl--makes me tired just reading it! I hope you can relax and enjoy Jenn and the boys and get feeling better.