Monday, June 2, 2008

Digital Photography 101

I'm so excited! I'm starting a Digital Photography class at Paradise Valley Community College tonight!

I already know how to take pictures with my digital camera - on auto mode anyhow - but I really want to learn how to take GREAT photos using all of the wondrous features my camera has. I got this camera for Christmas and I call it my fancy pants camera because it sure is fancy. I want to really learn all about aperature, f-stops, lighting, ISOs, everything. I want to take fantastic pictures. I want to use my creativity to take incredible pictures. I hope this class will teach me a lot. I know that a lot of great photographers are just born with that talent, but I also know that a lot of people can become great photographers. I'm not looking to become a million dollar photographer, but I'd really like to do some wedding photography as well as some creative photography. Maybe this class will help!

On another is the 3 year anniversary of Clint's and my first date!

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