Sunday, June 1, 2008

Major Reorg at Church!

Today was a whirlwind day at church. They released most of the presidencies and sustained a new bishopric counselor. It was quite odd about a lot of the callings - most of it seemed like just a reshuffle. The Relief Society President is now the Young Women's president. Her husband is now in the bishopric. The new RSP's husband is the Young Men's president. It just seems odd that the leadership of the ward seems confined to a few select families. I don't understand all of it, but I guess the Lord has a reason for it. I so wish Clint would receive a calling that actually gets him involved with the ward and meeting people. I was really hoping he'd get called to be the new Gospel Doctrine teacher, but he didn't. He would be really good at it. I just wonder if the Bishop knows he doesn't have to work Sundays anymore, but as Clint says, the Lord knows and if there's a calling for him that requires him to be there on Sundays the Bishop would be inspired. Clint is really stuggling feeling at home in this ward. He has no friends and unfortunately, is not the type of person that goes out on his own easily to find them. I came home and poured my heart out to the Lord that He would help Clint. We will see how things go. I think I'll also put his name in the temple. It can only help.

On another note, we had Jason and Melissa Beutler over for dinner this evening. Clint got to try out his new grill and we had yummy grilled pork chops. Yum, yum. Melissa brought "Heavenly Dessert" - known as Better than Sex Dessert in my family - and it was scrumptious. We had a nice time getting to know them.

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